There are a lot of people out there who want to work as a part time maid. They do not have educational qualifications or experience makes it easier for them to get these jobs. On the other hand, these part-time maids have different kinds of demands put forward by their employers. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect part-time maid for you.

1) Photography skills

It may seem like an unnecessary requirement, but this is very important, especially when the maid must take photographs that will document how well she does her job, i.e., all the evidence will be in those pictures. If you are a part time maid on a daily basis, you should check whether they have good photography skills because if not, your maid could cause more damage than good.

2) They should have the ability to multitask

For a lot of people, being able to work in various fields is an added advantage. If your maid must be able to cook while taking care of other chores too, then she should have this quality to increase their chances of getting hired by you. However, if you are looking for someone who can focus on one task at hand, such as house cleaning service, they don’t need to be able to complete other tasks ( like cooking ).

3) Persistence

Like any other job part-time or full time, people who take maid jobs must also prove that they are enthusiastic about completing whatever you are asking them to do.

4) Must be fluent in English

This is a must for any maid because if they cannot communicate with you, then what is the point of hiring them? This language barrier will make it extremely difficult to complete household chores.

5) Personable

They should have the ability to relate well with children and older people alike, although it may vary from one employer to another. You can probe about this when interviewing your prospective candidates and see if they are personable or not. This would play a huge role in choosing who among these part-time maids could leave behind their homes and families to take care of yours while you’re at work all day long.

6) They needn’t always be presentable

No employer wants to hire someone who is not presentable at all. However, the requirement here is slightly different because your maid needn’t always be dressed up nice. They need only look clean and tidy most of the time, so although hygiene is an essential factor, it isn’t that important as long as they can do their work well.

7) Willingness to learn new things

This does not mean they must know how to do absolutely everything, but they should be mature enough to understand they can only improve themselves if they are open to learning new things now and then. This willingness will allow them to progress as a person and a maid worker who could increase their chances of getting hired by you even more.

8) Be able to work under pressure

Many employers may require their maids to multitask while working on several projects. If they cannot do this, then these people should be aware that you will not need them anymore because the last thing you want is for your house not to be clean or your children to get neglected just because they cannot get anything done in time. This isn’t something that’s very hard, but it does need a lot of effort for which you can only expect from someone who has worked at least once before.

9) Should have patience

This quality is essential if your maid works with kids or older adults. They must have the ability to sit through whatever tantrum their child throws so they won’t run away, and all they need to do is give them a little more time so that they can calm themselves down.

10) Must be honest

Although this isn’t necessarily a requirement, it helps if your maid knows how to be honest with you and others around her. This will allow them to create trust, which has many benefits in the long run. Employers would still choose someone who doesn’t have the best past but will complete their job well rather than hiring someone who seems perfect on paper but has a terrible history behind them.


So when choosing your next part-time maid, make sure you thoroughly research their backgrounds before making the final decision because these are essential qualities that one must possess to be a part of your household.