Creating a logo – the main symbol or image that customers associate with a particular brand or company – is an important and responsible process. At the initial stage of business or store promotion, the logo determines whether a potential customer will want to buy your product or service. Harmony, originality and consistency with the mission and content of the brand are the components to begin with in developing this image. If you want to be pleasantly surprised by the result, use free logo maker to create a quality and creative logo.

Top 3 reasons why a quality logo is important to brand success

If you want your product, business or company to become a leader among your competitors, you need to try to make every element perfect. This includes the logo because it performs several functions at once for the success of the brand:

  • Customers’ level of trust in your product or merchandise depends on the logo. Before deciding whether or not to buy a service or item, customers read reviews, compare prices with competitive companies and evaluate the presence of your brand. If you don’t have a logo or if it looks like a copy of a better-known company, potential customers will equate a poor marketing strategy with the poor quality of your product. Therefore, it will be difficult for you to succeed among your competitors.
  • A logo is not just an image, but a visual trigger that causes potential customers to associate with your brand. A word or set of words can take people back in time, remind them of happy moments in their life and give them positive emotions. On a subconscious level, a properly chosen color scheme or code word in a logo can be the best advertisement for your product if it associates your customers with the emotions of happiness and pleasure.
  • If you have a customized logo, you have brand rights protection from unfair copying and creating fakes. The logo is a unique element of each product, so if your style is copied by another company, you will be legally penalized for copyright infringement.

These three reasons prove that a creative and unique logo is essential for every brand that wants to succeed.  With a single image or a few words, you will get the attention of new customers, advertising your products and protection from dishonest competitors.

Components of a quality logo

In order to create a quality logo, keep in mind the important components for its effectiveness:

  1. Your logo should be clear and understandable: customers should realize the content of the image or phrase in a few seconds. If the logo requires a long reflection on its meaning, it should be changed.
  2. The logo must be consistent with the values and content of the products. If you are selling clothing or cosmetics, the image on the logo should demonstrate this in a few seconds. The same goes for the color scheme: if you’re selling psychological support services, your logo should be soothing, not emotionally stimulating.
  3. For the previous components to be effective, the logo must be unique! Customers and clients should see the logo as a representation of your product, but not as a copy or modified version of an existing brand logo. This irresponsible approach to marketing strategy can cost you a great deal, because all the efforts to develop a quality product will not matter.

A combination of these common but fundamental parts of a logo will make your brand a success. The main thing is to combine responsibility, uniqueness and attention to detail at every stage of your brand development and because of this the result will meet all your expectations.