Modern cabinets are on top of the list of the newest trends in kitchen cabinets. They are defined by an angular design marked by simple flat slab doors, raised panels, and minimal decorative features, typical of mid-century furniture designs. 

Explore everything about modern kitchen cabinets in this article. Learn about the different design options they provide and how you can leverage them for an ideal dream kitchen design. 

The History of Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern cabinet designs are associated with modernity, a mid-century period that started with the First World War. Furniture designs of this period, specifically cabinets, featured simple design aspects, including angular shapes and simple-looking doors. The latest cabinet trends tend to feature these mid-century design features. 

They come with clean lines, and plenty of open spaces, and are adorned with minimal ornaments, most of which are industrial materials. In brief, modern kitchen cabinets are not only about beauty but also functionality, thanks to their simplicity. 

Features that Define Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Besides simplicity in design features, other features that distinguish modern cabinets. They include;

Presence of Artificial or Man-Made Materials

Unlike the all-natural classic cabinets, modern cabinetry designs feature materials like metals, plastics, and glass, all of which are man-made. Where natural material is used, you will always find that it has been blended with various artificial materials for aesthetic purposes. 

Bold Tones

Bold coloring is another notable feature of modern kitchen cabinets. Whereas traditional designers focused on neutral shades like black and white, their modern counterparts are attracted to provocative shades like green, yellow, and orange. Whether or not they are two-toned, modern cabinets come with bold tones that make them look dominating. 

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Modern cabinets can also be distinguished by their doors. Typically, they come with slab doors adorned with fewer or no decorative carvings.  The flat-surfaced doors with no mouldings have raised panels that serve to highlight the element of simplicity, which is a critical feature of modern cabinets. 

Latest Modern Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

You have been wrong if you have been thinking that farmhouse cabinets are out of fashion. There are uncountable modern cabinet varieties with the farmhouse design. Apart from being popular, modern farmhouse cabinets are versatile based on various design features, including color and material. 

Modern Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

You may be quick to avoid shaker cabinets due to their long history. However, there are modern versions of shaker-styled drawers whose visual attractiveness is beyond compare. They come in a myriad of colors and designs, which means that they provide multiple design options that designers and homeowners can choose from.


Modern Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Wood cabinets, the 80s and 90s trend, have found their way to modern interior design. As modern homeowners and interior designers continue to be attracted to the beauty and functionality of natural materials, the popularity of natural wood cabinets is swiftly being brought back to life. Depending on your color preference and the design features of your kitchen, you can go for oak, maple, teak, 

How to Improve the Outlook of Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Consider the following tips to make your modern kitchen cabinets look more modern

Repair or Refurbish the Cabinets

Modern cabinets can look less modern if they are old or their various parts and fixtures are worn out. By replacing broken parts worn out by tear and wear, you can easily make your modern cabinets look ultra-modern. 

Try Repainting

Considering how frequently you use your kitchen, the cabinets can easily fade due to constant friction. However, a small repainting procedure can do more good in restoring their sharp looks. Depending on the outlook of your scullery, you can choose to apply new paint or simply apply the original paint on the drawers to make them look modern. 

Regular Cleaning is a Must

If you want the amazing outlook of your modern kitchen cabinets to be long-lasting, cleaning them regularly should be a must-do to you. With a regular cleaning schedule, you will be able to identify and get rid of spills and dirt spots, all of which can make them look less modern. 

Concerning the cleaning cabinets, you should take note of the following.  

  • Use a simple clean rag and a non-corrosive fluid e.g. water
  • Clean along the direction of the grain pattern
  • Don’t expose your cabinets to bare sunlight

Incorporate Accessories 

The easiest types of cabinets to style are modern cabinets. Because they feature fewer decorative aspects, they provide plenty of room for additional styling. Depending on the outlook you want the interior of your cooking hall to have, you can incorporate various artificial and man-made ornaments on the cabinetry and in the kitchen as a whole. 

Benefits of Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets are a solution to every homeowner’s interior design needs. Below are their advantageous aspects. 

Unique Aesthetic Appeal

With their clean lines and angular designs, modern cabinets come with a contemporary aesthetic appeal that is marked by beauty and glamour. Regardless of the type of cookhouse you fix them in, be sure they will be the highlight of your cooking space in terms of visual attractiveness. 


Regarding maintenance, modern drawers are very cost-effective. Because of their mostly smooth-textured surfaces, these cabinets are easy to clean. With their simple features, you will never have to worry about constant repairs if you install them in your kitchen. 


All types of modern kitchen cabinets are designed with high-quality natural and artificial materials. Whether they come with stainless steel or wooden frames, these drawers always have an extended lifespan compared to other cabinet designs. Considering their various high-quality finishes, you can be sure that modern cabinets have been built to withstand tear and wear. 

What are the Materials Used to Design Modern Cabinets

The versatile nature of cabinetries with the modern design is evident in the way they differ in terms of material properties. The materials commonly used to design these drawers include the following. 

  • Cut wood
  • Laminate
  • Medium-density fibreboard (MDF)
  • Metals
  • Plywood


Modern cabinets are the latest kitchen cabinet trends. They are simply designed, beautiful, and functional. In addition, these eye-catchy drawers are durable and easy to work on, thanks to their amazing features. 

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