Traditional design is surrounded with a great variety of elements in home. From the floor to the ceiling including the wall finishes all the furniture. Traditional interior design is considered as the toughest design which needs time and talent, but one thing is sure if your designer is on right track then you will achieve the perfect beauty of the room. Achieve the perfect balance by properly combining these items and you will be successful!

Today we are introducing Austin based experienced and respected architectural home builders Wilmington-Gordon established in 1998, They are specialized in pre construction service, construction service and post construction services. Gordon had a talented team of professionals who are committed to creating well-built architectural homes. Lets checkout the collection of one of his recent project called  “Plush Traditional Property By Wilmington Gordon”. Enjoy and don’t forget to share this collection in your social circle.

Designed by: Wilmington-Gordon

Plush Traditional Property By Wilmington Gordon

Bathroom Entrance


This traditional bathroom shows a perfect example of how can you create a traditional and super bold bathroom without loosing the airy and natural feel in it.

Bathroom Vanity


The use of marbles in counter top and designer marble floor with all white traditional window creating perfect ambiance.

Shower Enclosure


The Shower enclosure covered with beautiful granite tiles creating vibrant and cool feeling.


Living Room Chandelier

Living Room Chandelier

Home Office Visitors Seating Area

Traditional Home Office

Leather tufted sofa is the main attraction of this room, attic window with big and wide skylights really enhances the overall appearance of this super charming home office.

Traditional Home Office

Traditional Home Office1

Traditional Home Office Entrance


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