Did you know that you can increase the value of your home with a simple kitchen renovation? That’s right, the decision to remodel can be an investment. 

However, you need to do it right for you to increase your home’s value. Therefore, we’ll share all the tips that you should follow. 

Use neutral colors 

You should use neutral colors when your aim is to increase your home’s value. Many homebuyers don’t prefer kitchens with bold color options, thus, making it hard to sell the house. 

Solution: For your cabinetry, install white shaker kitchen cabinets

Improve lighting 

People are attracted to kitchen spaces that have sufficient lighting. Therefore, you should prioritize lighting your kitchen space to increase its value. You can either tear down the walls to increase your window spaces or add more light fixtures.  

Your budget will determine the kind of lighting option you will explore. 

Refresh your cabinets 

There is no way your kitchen can attract buyers if you have old cabinetry. You can either replace them or refresh them depending on your set budget. White shaker kitchen cabinets are recommended if you want to install new cabinetry. 

Do an appliance check 

Many people forget about the kitchen appliances that they have as a key factor that contributes to the overall appearance of the kitchen. It doesn’t mean that you need to buy new kitchen appliances but you should ensure that they are updated and look presentable. 

Add a splashy backsplash 

A splashy backsplash coupled with white shaker kitchen cabinets will make your kitchen outstanding. If you are not an expert in this, you can find inspiration for great ideas online. 

Create a kitchen island

You should have a kitchen island installed to help your kitchen become more functional. The size of the kitchen should define the space your kitchen island takes. Ensure that the kitchen island consumes a proportional space in the kitchen compared to other kitchen elements.  

Is this enough?

These tips are sufficient to help you increase your kitchen’s value. However, you can add more to the kitchen if you have an open budget. Some of the suggestions would be to: 

  • Buy modern kitchen equipment 
  • Install new technology to automate service in the kitchen 
  • Tear down kitchen walls to increase more natural lighting 

With an open budget, you can hire the services of an interior designer to help you figure out the best design for your kitchen.