Well Designed, Neat and Clean, Simple and Sober yes we are talking about Sophisticated Kitchen Style ideas and inspiration just brought to you hand-picked. It all starts with the amount of space you devote to the kitchen area. If it is large, then there are no issues while occupying the space but if the kitchen space is smaller then it requires a lot of expertise to make it look good while making it compact.

Modular kitchen with lots of bright lights overhead a beautiful sink and wood used everywhere for storage makes it look spacious and elegant. A better design goes hand in hand with a beautiful structure and the amount of space used. While some use a combination of wood furniture and white and colorful walls, whereas some take the color of the ceiling to be black and white flooring. Champagne shelves instead of storage cabinets are also an alternative to be thought upon.

What Color Combination should I choose?

Well, that is a very tough question to be answered! Still we have discussed some of the majorly used combinations in the kitchen!

  • White Furniture and Black ceiling with green walls.
  • Wooden Flooring, White ceilings and Black colored Furniture.
  • White ceiling, red and white walls and black flooring.
  • Black Marble flooring and White everywhere.
  • Grey Walls, Black Flooring, white ceiling and wooden walls.

Just go through the images once and get your mind prepared for the design that you want for your kitchen!

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