Barhopping has taken a back seat during the pandemic due to the risks it poses. That’s why home bars have become extremely popular within the past months. You can add a bar to your home entertainment layout and stay safe with close family and friends. 

One of the advantages of having a bar at home is the long-term savings. The money you would’ve spent on drinks during a night out pale in comparison to the investment made in purchasing a bar. You don’t have to worry about the bartender skimping on the alcohol pour and you can hone your bartending skills as you create different drinks. The mixologist in you will appreciate acquiring new abilities.

You can also keep the bar stocked with drinks you prefer. You won’t experience the disappointment of a bartender telling you they can replace your favorite drink with a different brand that’s similar. Stock your bar with your favorites and you’re sure to have a night you won’t soon forget.  

Another great aspect of having a home bar is you are in charge of selecting the company you want to keep. There won’t be any people hanging around that could possibly start trouble and ruin the planned night of fun, and with no cover charge your friends will make your home the new hotspot.

Selecting the right barstools is an important part of ensuring your guests are comfortable. Visit 1StopBedrooms and browse the tall barstools catalog to find one to match your set. Bar tops are typically 40-42 inches high, so a stool about 28-30 inches tall would be perfect. You’ll find a large selection of these high barstools in different styles and colors for your home.

Remember, you control the mood so you customize your set and bring it to life by purchasing unique barstools. Upholstered stools provide a variety of color options. Get creative and mix hues to give your visitors a talking point. 

Do you want your guests to sit for a while as they enjoy the festivities? Then purchase stools with arms and padded seating. Seating that swivel will allow them to move away from and to the bar with ease. Also, an adjustable barstool lets taller guests lower the seating so they can converse comfortably with others.

Are you unsure about which styles would look best in your home? Then reach out to a design specialist for a free consultation and they will help you choose barstools that fit your tastes. With markdowns of up to 75% off, you are sure to find a set of stools within your price range. You can also apply for financing for up to 36 months to keep your payments low. 

Winter is here, and the cold weather along with the pandemic has increased our desire to stay inside. Home bars are the best replacement for all the fun you’ve been missing without any of the hassle of meeting dress codes or unruly patrons. Get your stools now and enjoy the winter months.