If the past few years have collectively granted homeowners anything, it’s an appreciation for where they live. We now recognise the joy of a comfortable home – especially when we’re spending a lot more time there.

But adding personality to a home can be difficult. It can seem as though homewares stores all stock the same lines. Social media influencers and their trend-driven styles can seem a little too influential. If you no longer wish to have the same décor as everyone else on your feed, this is a good time to try something new. Consider some of these ideas and get creative.

Decorate your walls

Hang pictures, photos, prints, posters, and even crafts on a wall to give it some personality. They will break up an otherwise empty space. Depending on what you’re hanging, and the condition of the walls, the equipment you need may vary. Gallery picture hanging systems can be bought from specialist art firms. There’s now a range of adhesive options for those who are unable to drill holes into their walls. Gallery walls are a popular choice when you want to create something special.

Shop thrifty

Many of us head to a chain or a high street shop when searching for furniture or decorative items for the home. But there are endless design possibilities when you start to look around. Shopping at second-hand stores, antique markets and vintage stalls can lead to all kinds of unusual finds. There are also plenty of upcycling opportunities for anyone who’d like a project that also benefits the environment. Mixing and matching furniture in differing shapes and shades creates a bold, maximalist look that can be playful and personal.

Pop with colour

Decorating homes with a neutral palette is hugely popular. It can provide an easy cover-up when needed and has been shown to increase property value It also gives the opportunity to add colour “pops”. This means including a bright or bold shade in soft furnishings and accents, often matching. Common pops include yellow against a grey theme or red against cream. Colour pops can be mixed and matched seasonally.  Think about a pastel violet for spring, a bold green for summer, a hearty orange for autumn, and a cool blue for winter.

Showcase your accomplishments

Got old trophies, medals, or certificates of achievement? Display them! Creating a family “hall of fame” can help you smile every time you pass and instill a sense of pride in family achievements. Your accomplishments don’t need to be just in the traditional sense either. They can include paintings and other artwork, homemade pottery pieces, photos taken through the years, and crafts.

More outside indoors

There is plenty of evidence to indicate that houseplants have tangible benefits for the physical health of those living with them. They also present a great design opportunity for interiors, too. Flowers, cacti, succulents and other house plants can be displayed on surfaces or hung from plant hangers. If you have flowers or other plants from a special occasion, consider having them dried. They’ll last forever and make a memorable display you can enjoy every day.

Social media and the internet are full of interior decoration inspiration. There is usually plenty of scope to make changes. Don’t worry about the size of your living space or the budget – use your imagination. Get creative and make it personal. You should always love where you live.