Striped wallpaper harmoniously blended into the interior of residential premises in the 70s of the last century, when proportions, laconicism, and functionality became the critical factors in creating the interior. More than 50 years have passed, new styles and fashion trends have appeared, but wallpapers with correct geometric lines do not lose their relevance to this day. Even the classic colors and several rare stripes can shift accents, give a solemnity room, and visually expand the space.


Benefits of choosing striped wallpaper

1. Stripped Wallpaper

The use of striped wallpaper can make a room expressive, and straight stripes that tend upward visually raise the ceiling. This type of wallpaper is relevant both in rooms with a small area and in spacious rooms.

Today, manufacturers of finishing materials offer a massive assortment of striped wallpaper so that each homemaker can choose the appropriate option for a particular room. Let’s consider the main advantages of striped wallpaper:

  • Canvases with vertical stripes and fit perfectly into the interior in a modern style, and beautifully emphasize the noble classics;
  • The visual perception of the room automatically changes since the vertical stripes tend to increase the space significantly;
  • Wallpaper goes well with wooden furniture, modern appliances, parquet, floor tiles, etc .;
  • Wallpaper with a striped print can be perfectly combined with other wallpapers and textures;
  • Striped wallpaper significantly smooths out the unevenness of the walls;
  • Horizontal stripes can expand the space, but it automatically becomes lower.

Designers often use diagonal and combined stripes in modern interiors, which together create an original composition. You can add dynamism to even the most discreet interior by decorating one of the walls with wallpaper with stylish stripes. Correction of visual perception is one of the main advantages of wallpaper.

The choice of texture and ornament

2. Stripped Wallpaper

Canvases with a print in stripes are an immortal classic that can add zest and dynamism to an interior. Before buying wallpaper, it is essential to determine its purpose. If we are talking exclusively about the fact that striped wallpaper should become a bright accent in the room, it is enough to highlight one of the walls. The choice of vertical stripe direction is ideal for rooms with low ceilings.

As for the tone of the stripes, soft, delicate stripes add elegance and gloss to the room’s interior. Bright, broad stripes instantly enliven the space and make it original. The types of striped coatings are as follows:

  • With sparse general lines;
  • With original “irregular” lines;
  • With frequent thin stripes;
  • Plain and multi-colored;
  • With a combination of stripes and additional ornamentation.

Even the most boring interior can be instantly transformed with wallpaper with graceful lines. The variety of materials and manufacturers allows you to purchase budget paper canvases and more expensive non-woven wallpaper. Which type of ornament and material should you give preference to? This is a question with no right or wrong answer. It all depends on the area of ​​the room, its purpose, and its design idea.

Combination of wallpaper with other interior elements

3. Stripped Wallpaper

Striped wallpaper in the interior is an absolute must-have for everyone who wants to create a stylish design that has been proven over the years. And while wallpaper stores provide an extensive range of wall coverings, the most popular wallpaper option is the classic with a black and white stripe. Designers recommend using this type of coating not on all walls to create a too restrained interior.

The multi-color options look positive and perfectly complement the classic and English style and the Provence and country style. Yellow-white and white-emerald wallpaper are suitable for both the kitchen and the living room, bathroom, or children’s room. One of the critical benefits of striped wallpaper is its versatility. Admirers of the classic style prefer wallpaper with beige-brown stripes, gray and red-beige horizontal and vertical lines.

The striped pattern is perfectly complemented by canvases to match, but with a more variegated ornament: a floral print, a checkered pattern, a geometric pattern, etc. Experts strongly recommend calculating the possible result to understand what effect wallpaper with stripes should bring to the room’s design. Striped wallpaper allows you to get to life many exciting design solutions. However, it is essential to be guided by the fundamental recommendations of experts:

  • The combination of a strip and a cell is universal, but it is essential to observe the correct proportions;
  • Delicate thin stripes look great with floral-printed coatings;
  • It will look impressive to highlight one of the walls with wallpaper with vertical stripes if the rest of the walls are covered with polka-dot wallpaper;
  • A set of longitudinal and transverse lines is a new trend of designers, but here it is essential to use wallpaper from the same series so that there is no difference in textures;
  • A wide strip in gentle colors is perfect for decorating a room in a classic as well as baroque style;
  • Beige vertical lines perfectly complement the vintage style;
  • The minimalism style allows you to use wallpaper with horizontal lines in brown and beige.

In addition, rooms in a modern style look no less stylish with wallpaper with frequent thin stripes of gray tint. Lovers of the ocean and the marine theme should pay attention to the wallpaper with bars of navy blue. They significantly enliven the interior, fill the room with light and air. Today’s fashionable pop art style involves the use of multi-colored striped wallpapers that harmoniously resonate with thematic paintings, graffiti, and other decorative elements.

In combination with high-quality furniture from the Angstrom furniture holding, striped wall coverings can give a room a luxurious look. Fittings from the leading German manufacturer Hettich will complement the pompous interior and correctly place accents in the room.

The use of striped wallpaper is a great reason to turn to the golden classics, transforming it to the trends of our time. Striped coverings look great in any room, highlighting its advantages and hiding such flaws as lack of space, low ceilings, uneven walls, etc. An exclusive interior with stripes in the wall decoration will become a hallmark of the house, bringing a touch of gloss and unique charm.