Orange kitchen is a stylish and bold solution for connoisseurs of modern design. Subconsciously, orange is associated with sunlight, warmth, and juicy, fragrant orange. The kitchen with a rich, warm color undoubtedly adds coziness and warmth to the room. The kitchen set, made in orange, will become the central element of the room and instantly dispel sadness and sadness, even in rainy weather. How to harmoniously place accents in the room and what the orange headset goes well with, we will consider in this article.

Features of using orange kitchen

1. Orange Kitchen

A quarter of a century ago, a kitchen decorated in orange spoke of the originality and courage of its mistress. Today, such a choice is no longer extravagant, and the design of the kitchen in orange tones takes an honorable third place, yielding only to the classic white and red colors. The popularity of orange is due to its life-affirming optimism.

Almost any element in the room can become orange: furniture set, table, countertop, walls, curtains, etc. However, it is worth remembering that you should not get carried away in this matter: an overabundance of the “orange” mood can cause the opposite effect. Consider some guidelines for interior design development:

  • Choosing a kitchen set as a bright orange accent, it is essential to choose an apron and walls in a contrasting shade (for example, black, cream, or pistachio);
  • In addition to the “classic” orange, more delicate shades of this cheerful color are in fashion: salmon, peach, or honey;
  • To avoid a feeling of oversaturation, you can use dotted orange: pick up bright chairs, paintings, or curtains to match;
  • Bright color will be an excellent bonding component in an interior filled with natural wood.

Most often, designers prefer orange kitchen sets. It is better to choose the facades of the cabinets glossy with metal fittings, glass inserts, and elegant lighting. The color fits perfectly into the high-tech interior, so the furniture should be original, functional, and laconic.

For example, cabinet furniture made of laminated particleboard is an excellent solution for the kitchen. Such furniture will last a long time, as it can withstand any stress, temperature changes, and the presence of moisture. It will not be challenging to find a high-quality kitchen set in the catalog of the Angstrom furniture holding, and fittings from leading German and Italian manufacturers will become the highlight of the furniture.

The relationship between orange and human mood

2. Orange Kitchen

Experienced designers point out that orange is inappropriate in the bedroom and living room, as it does not contribute to the desired relaxation. An orange kitchen in the interior is ideal since it is the kitchen space that can become a space for creativity and unexpected experiments.

The psyche well perceives the color. It evokes violent emotions and high spirits. However, it is necessary to use orange shades in dosage. If we compare orange with red, then the first does not cause anxiety. It has a beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional state of a person.

In terms of the spectrum of action, shades of orange are similar to yellow: they give a charge of vivacity and cheerful, and the juicy shade of orange stimulates appetite. A room in which orange significantly predominates can cause internal resentment and even discontent, so it is crucial to adhere to the golden mean rule.

Shades are partners of orange.

3. Orange Kitchen

A harmonious combination of shades in the interior is the key to success. Therefore it is imperative to take a responsible approach to select contrasting shades that can dilute the excessive intensity of the orange color. Before you start equipping the room, it is worth at least on paper to depict the general concept to understand the final result. Consider a few win-win combinations:

  • Intense orange with black is a stylish option that will make the room exclusive, with notes of gloss and luxury. Since both colors are pretty severe, you can’t do without the help of neutral beige or cream.
  • Orange and white are timeless classics. This symbiosis gives the room lightness and charm. The kitchen decoration looks incredibly elegant. The best option would be to mix an orange headset with glossy surfaces and snow-white walls.
  • Orange combined with beige is a cozy and warmest combination that gives a sense of harmony. White and brown can become an auxiliary shade here.
  • Intense orange combined with discreet gray is the perfect solution for a high-tech or modern kitchen.

Please note: choosing a high-quality orange headset is essential to make it the centerpiece of the room. Furniture of bright saturated color will perfectly complement the walls of a calm gray shade.

Using shades of orange in confined spaces

4. Orange Kitchen

Experts point out that orange tends to enlarge objects in the room visually. In this case, a small kitchen can seem cramped and overloaded. To avoid clutter, there are three basic rules to follow:

  • When one of the four walls is highlighted in orange, the kitchen ceiling will visually rise;
  • The use of a bright orange apron visually expands the space, adding additional area to it;
  • In an overly cramped kitchen, you should not use a bright kitchen set; it is better to dwell on some colorful accents, for example, paintings, pepper shakers, contrasting jars, blinds, etc.

With the right pairing of shades, orange turns into a cheerful, warm and cozy color. The use of high-quality furniture from “Angstrom” and the application in practice of all the fundamental recommendations of professional designers will help create a stunning ensemble filled with cheerful motives, modern trends, and gloss.