Owning a swimming pool has many advantages, but it also has some downsides. Swimming is a fun activity, but it can also cause accidents. Drowning is a major cause of death among young children. Maintaining a swimming pool is another tedious activity. Thankfully technological advances offer solutions to these problems. Let’s look at some gadgets which make the swimming pool a safer place.

1. Advanced pool cleaners.

Cleaning your pool is necessary to ensure the safety of swimmers. Automatic pool cleaners make the pool cleaning work easier. Suction cleaners and pressure side cleaners work well, but they tend to load your pump.

Robotic pool cleaners are the latest gadgets that promise to clean your pool effortlessly. Robotic pool cleaners clean your pool effectively within a short time. There are various models available. You must select one according to the dimensions and surface of your pool. The robotic cleaners are equipped with their own brush. Robotic cleaners work independently of your pump. Owners of fibreglass pools will have to select a cleaner with a soft, grippy PVA brush. When the cleaning work is over they will float to the surface. They can clean even microscopic debris from your pool. High-end robotic cleaners clean the pool floor, cove and part of the wall. Their rotating brushes help them climb the wall. They have smart features and can be controlled through a mobile app. These robotic cleaners are expensive but worth their price.


2. The latest sanitization technique.

Traditionally chlorine has been used to keep the water clean. Salt chlorinators clean the pool by creating chlorine out of dissolved salt. Salt chlorinators produce clear water naturally. Swimmers experience reduced skin and eye irritation in saltwater pools. Salt chlorinators are not compatible with concrete pools. Fibreglass pools are unaffected by salt chlorinators.

3. UV light system.

This system uses ultraviolet lights to kill viruses, bacteria, and algae. UV light system is a safe method to sanitize your pool. Using the UV light system greatly reduces the need for chemicals in your pool. There are different brands of UV light sanitizers available in the market. You will require professional help to select the right system for your pool.

4. Water features.

Water features like rain curtains, scupper, water wall, fountain, and sconces make your pool a fun place to relax. There are innumerable choices available in water features.


5. Smart pool.

You can either upgrade your existing pool or build a smart pool from scratch. A smart pool allows you to control your entire pool setting through your smartphone. You can control pool lighting, pool covers and even pool cleaning through an app on your phone.

6. Monitoring water chemistry levels.

Maintaining water chemistry levels is necessary for the safety of swimmers and also the life of the pool. This involves a tedious process of testing, calculating, and adding the necessary chemicals. There are systems that monitor your pool’s chemistry and dispense chemicals automatically. These systems are equipped with calculators that alert the owner when the chemical balance in the pool is disturbed.

There are various apps which, when installed on your smartphone help to maintain water chemistry. These apps can scan the strips coated with pool water and recommend the necessary treatments.

7. Smart Lighting.

Smart lights can make the pool attractive and safe. There are different types of LED lights available that can be installed underwater and near the pools. The lights can be customized to turn on and off according to your needs. Smart lighting can change the color of your pool water and also the ambiance of your pool area. These LED lights save electricity and last longer. Lighting the pool area makes it safe for use after sunset.

8. The latest fences and covers.

Pool fences are a good method to keep children away from the pool. There may be different legal requirements regarding pool fences in some states. Pool fences can be made of different materials like glass, PVC, aluminum, or tubular steel. The fences should be tall enough to prevent children from reaching the pool. They must not provide any gripping spots to avoid children climbing over them. They can look stylish and protect your children from the pool area. Older children may still try to access the pool area.

You should install automatic locks on the fences to make pools safe. There are locks available with child-resistant knobs and 6 pin security. A self-closing, self-latching pool gate is essential to prevent children from accessing the pool area. You can also place alarms on the fence to alert you about any intrusion. If you are not in favor of permanent fencing then you can install temporary fences around the pool. They can be removed once the children grow up.

Pool covers are another valuable installation for the safety of your pool. There are hardcovers and soft covers. Automatic pool covers work very well to keep children out of the pool.


9. Pool alarms.

Children under 5 years of age are especially vulnerable to swimming accidents. A pool alarm is a device that alerts you when someone enters the pool. Pool alarms can be placed on a pool deck, submerged in water, or the child can wear them on the wrist. There are floating pool alarms that detect water displacement from your pool.

10. Swimming lessons.

There are gadgets available which aid your child to learn swimming. Some gadgets function as a flotation device and support system while they learn swimming. The device adjusts itself according to your child’s swimming skills. There are also swim Apps that promote water safety and help the parents to track the progress of their child’s swimming lessons.

11. Closed-circuit cameras.

Installing motion-activated surveillance cameras is a good method to supervise the pool area. Depending on the structure and size of your pool, you may need one or more cameras. Adding a motion-activated alarm to the camera will increase the safety quotient.

There are anti drowning systems fitted with cameras available in the market. These sophisticated systems alert the owners when they detect any drowning incidents underwater.