Of course, size does matter, but even a small kitchen room can look “a million” if you think it through carefully and put some effort into it. The rules are simple: make the best use of all the free surfaces, think outside the box, don’t be afraid to experiment with color schemes and use proven techniques to visually increase the space.  With easy tips you don’t only make your kitchen look better but also have some cash for betting at the 20 Bet casino or even traveling! Ready? Let’s get started!

Aren’t Drawers and Cabinets Enough?

This is one of the most common questions from clients that professional decorators face when decorating a small kitchen. The correct answer is no, not enough. In a small room, the question of maximizing the use of every available centimeter of usable space is especially relevant. So, in addition to hinged cabinets, you should equip the walls with rods, hooks and magnetic holders for kitchen accessories, on which you can hang everything from pans and cutting boards to kitchen knives. And don’t forget about the windowsill! You can put an electric kettle, a small appliance, a knife rack, or even put a sink on it.

Fresh Colors

Fresh Colors

In a small kitchen, you should be especially careful with the choice of paint for the walls. To make the space seem visually larger, it is recommended to use light, fresh colors that create a sense of air in the room and bring comfort. Modern paint manufacturers have many pleasant shades that can serve as an alternative to the traditional white for small apartments.

Niches and Open Shelves

Explore your kitchen carefully: even the most awkward nooks can find a use. For example, build shelves into a small niche or place them in the corner behind a heating pipe.

Photos and Artwork

Who says that a small kitchen must necessarily be boring? No, no and again no! Beautiful photographs, paintings or posters will help give the space personality and make it bright and memorable. Getting into such a non-standard interior, your guests will not even pay attention to the small size of the room itself!


Green plants and indoor flowers are also able to enliven any interior and divert attention from its area. If you value your window sill space, we recommend using hanging planters.

Light Kitchen Fronts

Light Kitchen Fronts

Light kitchen fronts combined with light walls visually “lighten” the space and allow massive cabinets to literally dissolve into space. For contrast, you can add dark details, color or graphic accents to the interior – this will give it dynamics and liveliness.

Wheeled Cart

The compact cart on wheels is a practical kitchen “device” for small spaces. Its shelves are convenient for storing groceries and items that you always need on hand.

Shiny Materials and Details

Shiny metal, mirror and glass reflect light well and visually make your kitchen look bigger than it is.


The smaller the room, the more any mess is conspicuous. Sometimes scattered things and dishes in the sink can immediately ruin the whole impression of your renovation and design. So if you want your small kitchen-dining room to look stylish, keep it clean and tidy.