Think Beyond Kitchen

A complete kitchen is one that has a chimney system to execute all that smoke and fumes. It is perhaps an important element, given that they make cooking and life easier, but what if your kitchen’s chimney goes out of order? The first thing you’ll do is probably ring a chimney repair near me, right?

Well, what if I told you that you can save a lot of time only by moving a step higher and understanding the possible causes of chimney issues? Once you have become well-versed with chimney issues, treating them yourself or preventing damage will become much easier. As a starter, you can read this article where we have discussed things incorporating all aspects of kitchen chimney servicing-

Troubleshooting Your Chimney Problems

The most common issues why your chimney system must have gone bad are as follows:

  • Animals: Animals and pests are notorious for invading our homes; one common way they get in is through chimneys. When rolling through the tunnel, animals or pests will either make it or get stuck; there’s nothing in between. You can remove the fellow animal in these awkward situations, and your chimney should be fine again. 
  • Birds: Like animals, you may find birds or their nests trapped within your chimney bricks. If you don’t already know, a nest can be kindling against an extremely hot exhaust and be a reason for preventable out-of-control fire. This is dangerous for the trapped bird and your entire family and home.
  • Broken Masonry: Masonry chimneys are known to last for a while unless poorly made. But for them to get rough and partially broken with time is commonly seen. Also, bricks and stones naturally decay and deteriorate as time passes. If you discover your chimney masonry is in bad shape, we suggest fixing it ASAP.

Fixing Chimney Leaks and bad odor

Chimney leaking is another huge problem, but the good thing is that you can get it fixed easily. For example, if there are cracks in the crown, simply seal or replace it; otherwise, water leakage problems may occur. Likewise, you can invest in a vapour-permeable brick sealant for deteriorated masonry as a temporary fix.

Furthermore, an unusually bad odour is one more reason you might call for a chimney repair near me. Not many people know this, but the fireplace chimney creating stinky odours might be associated with another fireplace in the house. Or maybe your flue might be filled with water, and a wet creosote is way more pungent than usual. Here, fixing the flue is all you have to do.

Beyond the Kitchen: Taking Care of and Troubleshooting Your Chimney

While taking care of your kitchen, one must also make sure to look after their chimneys. Here are a few effective do’s and don’ts you can consider for a lasting chimney vent:

The Do’s —

  • While installing an auto-clean chimney, ensure the base is at least 600 and 800 millimetres (mm) above the cooktop. Otherwise, a low-height chimney will invent problems for you rather than solving the ever-existing ones.
  • Go through the instructions menu before actually using the chimney as a new user.
  • Keep in mind the power supply of your house and check if it complies with the chimney standards.
  • Regular cleaning of residues and oil particles from the chimney is important, as accumulated grease can cause a fire and hamper your safety. 
  • Always call an agency for chimney repair near you for technical work or issues.

The Don’ts —

  • Flamed-based cooking and grilling can damage a chimney, so never let flames stay for long. 
  • Never keep the hot oil idle and unattended, as it can again be the reason for the preventable fire.
  • Upon successful installation, don’t keep the components on the hood as it is, but remove them right away.
  • Never let the filters pile up dirt in them, and clean them at least once a week.
  • Never remove the chimney filters when the plugs are connected.
  • Don’t allow children to play with the chimney or its components.
  • Don’t allow your pets to come close to chimney vents.


Agencies for chimney repair services have become important elements, especially because chimney issues are endless. But instead of calling them for every minor issue, it is best that we troubleshoot them ourselves and do the needful. At the same time, remember that not all kinds of things are fixable by commoners. So, for bigger problems, it is better to get professional help. But because we believe in ‘prevention’, one must take good care of your chimneys to make them last longer.


How can you find a reliable serviceman for chimney repair near me?

You can use Google to find reliable chimney repair services near you. Just make sure that the agency is reliable and has positive reviews from past clients.

What are the key factors for finding the perfect kitchen chimney fit?

First, consider the size of your cooktop and make sure your chimney aligns well with your stove. Secondly, take into account the chimney dimensions and see if it efficiently absorbs smoke. You should always get a chimney with dimensions greater than the stove. For example, go with the 60 cm-wide chimney for a two-burner stove.

Can you use PVC pipe for the kitchen chimney?

Usually, a chimney duct is made from PVC and aluminium. As per the standards, more than two bends in the chimney duct are not suggested. This is because a short pipe with fewer curves is better than a long pipe.

Is it okay to install a chimney beside the window?

Yes, having a chimney near windows is fine, and things are better this way since chefs get more natural lighting.

Why is installing a kitchen chimney a great idea?

The chimney’s role in the kitchen is to execute heat, fume, and toxic air created by cooking. Also, a chimney helps lessen carbon monoxide levels and controls the room temperature.