Congratulations, you have secured your new home! Now it just needs to reflect everything you are about too.  

Design trends come and go, but COVID-19 has changed the game considerably, redefining what styles people go for in their own properties. After all, the pandemic has put people’s homes at the forefront of their minds, as they use their excess time at home to further upgrade and overhaul their personal spaces. But what if you have met a dead end when it comes to ideas?

Here are some tips to help you gain some much-needed inspiration.

Use What You Already Have

When moving to a new home, many assume that a total overhaul is needed.

Still, many of your answers to your design queries could have been under your nose the whole time. If you have expensive or elegant furniture at your disposal, do be sure to take it with you to see where you can use it. Remember, it can always be repainted or repurposed if it does not quite fit from the outset.

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Consult Friends and Family

Nearly everyone you might know has a place to call their own, and so they have experience in gunning for an aesthetic and arranging things a certain way.

As far as design styles go, there’s industrial, mid-century modern, farmhouse, bohemian, contemporary, art deco, and Scandinavian styles that all have their own set of charming perks and wonderful aesthetics. There are plenty more too, but if you consult your loved ones on the classics, chances are one of them will have worked some of these into their home already for you to see.

They could send you pictures or invite you for a viewing, if lockdown rules are permitting, getting a feel for the vibes yourself. If you are feeling backed into a corner, sometimes the best thing you can do is get out there and immerse yourself in a brand-new environment. Your friends offer a welcoming one. Hopefully, some degree of inspiration will follow on from there.


Review Major Broadsheets

Because the major broadsheets cover such a wide range of topics, they can be a useful resource when it comes to sourcing inspiration for your home design style.

Huffington Post Canada, for example, have home design insights stretching back years, from features titled ‘Taking on 2015’s Décor Trends’ to ‘Modern Mexican Inspiration to Add Warmth to your Décor’, which should cover more than a few bases.

There is often a comment section in the major broadsheets too, so you can review what the buying public think of the ideas presented. Maybe they will feedback with some of their own suggestions and experiences, also? Sometimes, an official source can work wonders, and just give you some well-researched insight when you are at wit’s end.