If we like the comfort of modernity, we remain faithful to the charm of the old. The elegance and simplicity of vintage cross time to our bathroom. Inspired by the bathrooms of yesteryear, bathroom decoration is reinvented in chic decoration. From the taps, to the tiles on the floor, including the bathtub and the furniture, there are many variations of the new old. We give you 30 ideas to furnish your retro bathroom with freshness and elegance.

Retro Bathrooms Design (33)

Retro Bathrooms Design (32)

Old houses have long retained a bathroom of yesteryear. A wind of nostalgia pushes us to revisit the codes of vintage bathrooms. In particular, the walls and floors play on this tendency to melancholy to decline the old into the modern.

Retro Bathrooms Design (31)

A nice mix between a 70s inspiration and a Scandinavian style, vintage is available in a ceramic tile bathroom. This coating is ideal for styling a bathroom while maintaining a clean side. The ceramic aspect having the advantage of giving structure to the room.

Retro Bathrooms Design (30)

An aesthetic that makes its effect in a colorful version. The floor and walls are adorned with shades of pastel and pale colors to brighten up the bathroom. Deliciously retro, apply trendy shades to play on the contrasts between the youthful spirit and antique elegance.

Retro Bathrooms Design (29)

In two-color, black and white, the classic shapes of tiles take on a more contemporary air. The floor is dressed in very elegant black and white braided tiles. A retro feel accentuated by the golden taps and the marble walls.

Retro Bathrooms Design (28)

More than vintage, the decoration of this bathroom evolves in a timeless style.

Retro Bathrooms Design (27)

A style that is luxurious in white and beige. A palette of cool and clear tones accentuates the size of the space.

Retro Bathrooms Design (26)
The original forms play a double game for an atmosphere that oscillates gracefully between two eras. A balancing act between neoclassical walls and ultra-modern furnishings. Vintage creates a setting in which functional equipment is nestled.
Retro Bathrooms Design (25)
An interesting balance is also obtained with the help of an art deco wallpaper. Between the shower, the furniture, and the futuristic mirror, the opposites form a bright and cheerful harmony.
Retro Bathrooms Design (24)
Disco madness takes hold of the seventies bathrooms. The bright color and round shapes will give you a vitamin-boosted wake-up call before you even step into your shower.

How to play on retro furniture in the bathroom?

To adopt a retro bathroom without having to use your brushes, you can also revamp your bathroom with the help of furniture. Whether real antique furniture or new retro-inspired furniture, both will create a soft and chic ambiance.

Retro Bathrooms Design (21)

The plain walls will be awakened by the atypical shapes and color nuances of the base units, shelves, and bathroom storage.

Retro Bathrooms Design (20)

To play on contrasts, opt for furniture in colors opposite to the walls and decorations. Like this white and gold set which gives all its elegance to the dark blue walls. The touch of charm comes from the lightness of the lines which highlights the brilliance of the accessories. A retro bathroom is full of character.

Retro Bathrooms Design (19)

For a sleek vintage bathroom, paint your antique furniture white. A successful tone on tone for a minimalist style. With a virginal allure, the universe thus created will be conducive to relaxation.

Retro Bathrooms Design (17)

A minerality with multiple reflections thanks to a mosaic of tiles. Well lit, the tiling duo with an opposite white wall gives perspective to the room.

Retro Bathrooms Design (18)

The old bathroom is getting wiser. Modern in its layout, this piece of water takes the lines of traditional furniture.

Retro Bathrooms Design (16)

A flawless alliance, easy to match. The authenticity of the furniture revives the spirit of the country houses.

How to divert an old bathtub?

Retro Bathrooms Design (15)

And it’s not just furniture that can be recycled. Transposed in a contemporary bathroom, the old bathtub gives back its letters of nobility to the decoration.

Black and white classic bathtub on brick wall

Whether it is a freestanding bathtub, rounded bathtub, or cast iron bathtub, retro is synonymous with anti-waste.

Retro Bathrooms Design (13)

Save an old bathtub at the flea market will make your bathroom design unique. Installed in the heart of your room, it will set the tone. You will then only need a few accessories, mirrors, plants, and a stool to complete the look of your powder room.

Retro Bathrooms Design (12)

A trick used by Leroy Merlin to give more sobriety to a bathroom of natural inspiration. The lion’s paste bathtub is found in the center of a set with vegetalized decoration.

Retro Bathrooms Design (11)

Another model of rehabilitation of the old bathtub that even manages to combine it with an old sink without appearing outdated. With a few strokes of paint and a little trick, the work has revived the aesthetics of an old bathroom. The workshop-inspired glass gives the whole a retro-industrial style.

Retro Bathrooms Design (10)

The same goes for this old black toilet which finds a more modern aspect.

Retro Bathrooms Design (9)

Here, the bathroom benefits from two major advantages for a majestic decoration. First, the height of the ceiling and the huge windows create a feeling of grandeur. On the other hand, the charming bathtub is framed by the noble material of wood. Grandiose interior architecture.

Retro Bathrooms Design (8)

The charm of the old comes through the ornaments. From the floor to the walls, rugs, paintings, mirrors and other wall decorations embellish and reflect your desires. The old is available on multiple supports and materials.

Retro Bathrooms Design (7)

Here are some sublime inspirations of accessories and details to give substance to your retro bathroom decoration.

Retro Bathrooms Design (6)

The antique square mirror with a gilded frame gives an impression of grandeur in a retro bathroom. Above the bathtub, it has above all a decorative vocation. The old moldings denote with the ultra-modern bathtub and the natural baskets.

Retro Bathrooms Design (5)

Likewise, the retro silver mirror brings a touch of style. Between the floor and the old mirror, a quote-inspired wall decoration creates an aesthetic shock. Ideal for surprising and playing the card of the wise rebel.

Retro Bathrooms Design (4)

Softer, to adorn the top of your retro sink, find an old mirror in a flea market. A decorative inspiration that is both ecological, economical and full of pep.

Retro Bathrooms Design (3)

Decorating a bathroom doesn’t stop with mirrors. Thanks to very practical shelves to install all your cosmetic products, this retro-inspired bathroom benefits from a lifting effect. Functional and smart!

Retro Bathrooms Design (2)

The taps are dazzling in gold, copper, or silver. By attracting light and the reflection of lighting, they will create modern reminders. Because nothing worse for a retro bathroom than to lose in cheerfulness and dynamism.