The kitchen is often called the heart of the home; a place where families and friends come together, and for many a sanctuary to relax and unwind. When looking to update your kitchen with a modern, stylish feel we have the ideal range of products to completely transform your dining experience. 

When we think of style, we think of quality items that make a difference to a space. Starting with a blank canvas you can add pieces of meaning and interest which come together to become your home. The first step in deciding on your dream kitchen is the colour scheme; many people choose to go for a bright and airy feel, allowing you to feel at peace and relaxed in the space. We love the blend of pastel yellows and pale greys to create a contrasting style. We recommend choosing silver hardware for this colour scheme, to reflect and bounce the colours off of each other. The Polished Chrome Cabinet Handles from GJohns are simple enough not to detract, yet bold enough to make a statement. Others may choose a more minimalistic look and go for darker colours such as glossy blacks and browns; We love this look paired with the Matte Bronze Ironmongery collection as the perfect addition to the modern home.

Chic Kitchen Aesthetic1

Stainless Steel is a modern kitchen staple; mirrored surfaces bring glamour to playful elements and draw the attention to the centre of a room. Pairing a stainless-steel island with a high-shine polished chrome sets along with strategically placed kitchen furniture is another popular option among interior designers. 

Of course, no kitchen look-book would be complete without the classic Shabby Chic design, originally derived from old farmhouse cottage interiors. Pairing distressed units such as a welsh dresser along with a quality oval dining table and mis-matching chairs is a style sure to never go out of fashion. You can mix & match designs and bring new pieces in without too much of a worry if they will go; that is another benefit of this décor, mismatching is what it’s all about! Why not try pairing a duck-egg blue colour theme with our Antique Brass collection – retaining the traditional values of this stunning style. 

If a full kitchen renovation isn’t on your calendar for the near future, there are still simple and extremely effective ways to give it a new lease of life and create an entirely new look. Deciding on the right set of accessories, colour schemes and lighting you can transform a space in a matter of days. Starting simple by replacing door handles, cupboard knobs and drawer handles instantly refreshes the room and provides an instant ‘pick me up’, providing an instant transformation that’ll make you fall in love with your kitchen all over again.