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What Is Indoor Air Pollution? 5 Ways To Control It

What Is Indoor Air Pollution? 5 Ways To Control It

The quality of the air we breathe in must be safe and clean that suits our body. The air outside eventually gets contaminated by various pollution, emissions from cars, and many other sources. Unfortunately, we can’t control but keeping the indoor air checked is still in our grasp. Healthy indoor air creates a significant beneficial environment for you and your loved ones while inside your house.

Indoor air pollution is the cause of polluting the inside atmosphere of your house by various indoor means. It gets mixed up with some tiny air particles, which is how the air gets polluted. Children playing in the common room can get severely affected by this. Even the adults on the couch playing NetBet slots online after a long day can get breathing problems.

Causes of Indoor Air Pollution  

Some of the leading causes of such harmful pollution are:

  • Asbestos: It is one of the main causes of indoor air pollution. It can be found in various materials, mainly auto motives and home constructions. If someone owns an old house, the risk is more than a new house.
  • Formaldehyde: One of the leading pollutants of such pollution is formaldehyde. It is generally a colorless gas that carries a pungent smell and is commonly found in paints, wood floors, etc. It causes breathing problems in kids.
  • Tobacco Smell: Tobacco smell is one of the main agents polluting the indoor air. It is caused by outdoor air, but some people use them inside the house, which is very effective for small children and any senior citizens present in the house.
  • Kitchen Waste: Vegetable leftovers are the main agent causing such pollution. The leftover vegetable peels and other food waste releases nitrogen and other harmful gasses, which slowly affect your heart and can even stop the heartbeat of elders.
  • Effects: Symptoms may show up very quickly, such as dizziness, muscular weakness, etc. Some chronic exposure to some of the specific pesticides can result in liver, kidney, endocrine damage. Many people don’t realize their cold or other nagging symptoms caused by the polluted air in their indoor surroundings. Long-term effects may even lead to an increased chance of cancer. Though every one of the family eventually suffers from the initial stages of asthma, lung diseases, etc.

5 Ways to Control the Pollution 

There are many meaningful ways to stop such a fatal spread of diseases quickly. Let’s discuss the top ways to prevent the spread.

Keep the Windows Open Whenever Possible

The windows should be kept open at least for a couple of hours every morning. The sunlight should be let into every room, which helps kill the germs and other small particles.

Give Your Pets a Bath

The small insects on the pet’s furs can cause humans many skin problems. Thus, giving them a proper bath on a fixed schedule is mandatory.

Change Filters

The change of the forced-heater system and other cooling machines is mandatory. Their filters spread much pollen from the outside, thus degrading the inside air.

Skip Fires

A small bonfire, flames, and other fireplaces give delight and quality time, but they release soot and smoke in the air.

Store Chemicals Safely

All pesticides, glues, and other solvents should be stored in a different place, outside the rich of kids and other members.

Controlling the air quality is a must at every house to lead a healthy and safe life throughout and avoid a disease-free life.