Although their design is classic, black shaker kitchen cabinets are trending in contemporary interior design. They have been so popular that designers decided to give them a place in modern interior design by crafting their versions adorned with modern features.

If you are one of those people intrigued by the popularity of shaker-styled cabinet varieties, this article is for you. Continue reading to discover everything that makes black shaker cabinets so special. 

About Black Shaker Kitchen Cabinets 

The history of shaker cabinets is as interesting as the shaker cabinet themselves. These drawers were invented in the 18th century by a religious community that people commonly referred to as ‘shakers’. Ever since they found their place in interior design, shaker cabinets have never scaled down in popularity. 

If you don’t know much about black shaker kitchen cabinets, apart from their black shade, the following features can help you identify them. 

  • Natural Wood Material

Although it is possible to find shaker cabinets made of artificial materials, the majority of these drawers are elucidated by natural wood material properties. Customarily, they feature hardwoods like maple, oak, teak, hickory, birch, and mahogany in terms of material structure. Because of their natural wood material background, shaker cabinets are considered long-lasting and economical. 

  • Unembellished Design

Shaker cabinets are arguably undemanding in terms of design features. With their clean lines, slab doors, and unornamented surfaces, these drawers look very simple in terms of design. Although modern shaker cabinets may seem sophisticated based on the luxurious fixtures they generally come with, the unembellished shaker design is what defines and sells them. 

Because of their undemanding design features, black shaker kitchen cabinets are considered by many people as flexible cabinet designs. They can not only be fit in all kinds of interiors but also paired with different types of materials and colors. 

  • Design Variability

You can also identify shaker cabinets based on the versatility of their designs. These cabinets come in different styles, from classic to modern. While the majority feature closed shelves, incoming varieties are marked by closed and specialty shelving options. Therefore, if you encounter black cabinet designs with a wide range of varieties, then you can be sure that they are black shaker cabinets. 

Their design variability is as it should be, good news to many homeowners, including you. You can easily find a design that can align with your kitchen if you choose shaker cabinets, vintage or modern, thanks to the multiplicity of shaker cabinet designs. 

The Popularity of Black Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Explained 

Black shaker kitchen cabinets are so popular that they are almost everywhere. This 2023, the popularity of these cabinets has surpassed all other designs, thanks to the following factors. 

#1: Cost of Shaker Cabinets

Compared to many cabinet models, the shaker cabinet brand is considerably less expensive. This is mostly because of the simplistic designs of these cabinets. With their minimal ornamentation and angular designs, shaker cabinets arguably stand out as cost-effective whether in terms of purchase, maintenance, or refurbishment. 

According to designers, cabinets that feature fewer decorative elements are the most cost-effective. Because the majority of decorative fixtures are expensive but get worn out quickly, highly ornamented cabinetries are more likely to be susceptible to unending repairs, which can be costlier than expected. 

#2: Natural Wood is trending

With natural wood standing tall as the best material for cabinets, black shaker kitchen cabinets have no option but to be very popular. This is because these cabinets are defined by natural wood in terms of material attributes. As natural wood continues to trend, designers have made shaker cabinet brands more versatile. 

Currently, based on material features, there are multiple versions of black shaker cabinets. These include cherry, maple, oak, and hickory shaker-styled cabinets. In this sense, there are different design options you can pick from if you choose shaker kitchen cabinets. 

#3: Modern Homeowners Want Simplicity

In the post-modern interior design industry, function rather than form is held in awe. With homeowners wanting the interiors of their homes to be more functional, designers have no choice but to craft décor items that are simpler in design. Black shaker kitchen cabinets are proving to be an undefeated attraction to modern homeowners based on their simple but functional designs. 

These drawers are not built to not only exhibit artistic innovativeness but also function. For example, while their dark shade gives them a bold and captivating appearance, it makes them very simple to work with from cleaning to maintenance, and styling. 

#4: The Ease of Finding Black Shaker Cabinets

Because they have been with us from time immemorial, shaker cabinets are easy to find compared to modern and post-modern cabinet designs. The versatility of their design varieties also makes them easy to access. Whether you look for them on e-commerce platforms or furniture stores near you, finding them cannot be as complicated as you may imagine. 

Because they exist in multiple designs, picking your favorite design can, however, be problematic. In this regard, you should always put the following into consideration if you want to seamlessly find the perfect black shaker drawers for your pantry. 

  • Design features of your kitchen: Depending on design aspects like the size of your cooking space, there are different types of black shaker cabinet varieties you can choose from. The colors in your kitchen can also give you information about the best shade of black to choose when buying black shaker kitchen cabinets
  • Cost of Cabinet Purchase and Installation: In terms of cost, cabinets are rated differently based on various factors, the most notable being material, size, color, and ornamentation properties. The cost of purchase and installation can tell you whether or not the black shaker cabinets you want to buy will perfectly fit your budget without making you penniless. 

Final Thoughts

While you may be quick to render them classic because of their origin, black shaker kitchen cabinets are currently boasting unparalleled popularity. Because of their simple but adorable features, these drawers are a distinguished attraction to many homeowners. They are simple to style and are very flexible in terms of fitting well in multiple types of kitchens.