Discover the unique styles of kitchen cabinetry that most homeowners have. 

Picking cabinetry styles is fun! You get to choose from a range of options that are exciting. It can be fun for you if you know all the styles available for you.

8 popular cabinetry styles

While there are more than eight styles, we will look at eight because they are the most trendy ones.

Shaker style cabinetry

Shaker is a popular cabinetry style because of its distinctive look and timelessness. This style is known for its sleek doors and drawers with a flat surface. It comes in a range of materials and colors.

Their biggest strength is simplicity. A majority of homeowners install them because of their modern simple look that simplifies the kitchen’s look. You can compare their uniqueness to farmhouse kitchen cabinets that have been modified to fit modern kitchens.


– They are simple and fit with any design or style in the kitchen

– They match any kitchen element

– They are readily available because of their popularity

– You can combine them with other styles of cabinetry


– It has a recessed panel that collects dirt, thus, regular cleaning is needed

Raised panel kitchen cabinets

This type of cabinetry style slightly resembles the shaker style. However, the panels of this style are raised for a better aesthetic view. Just like shakers, raised panel kitchen cabinets are timeless and create a visually stimulating structure in the kitchen.

They are most common in traditional homes and you will often find commentary farmhouse kitchen cabinets in such homes as well. Their elegance is also anchored on the wood type used, mostly maple or other hardwood types.


– It has a timeless appeal

– It fits with any kitchen design or style

– It allows homeowners to explore many decorative options


– It is more expensive compared to shaker-style cabinetry

– It is not easy to maintain

Slab kitchen cabinets

They are commonly known as flat-front cabinets because of their panel-front feature. It is a simple design option that most homeowners prefer.

With this level of simplicity, the price tag is also much lower compared to other cabinetry types. It also allows homeowners to add a few items to it or splash colors around to make it more beautiful.


– They are more affordable compared to other cabinetry styles

– They are easy to clean because of their flat surface


– May look boring if you don’t splash colors around or spice it with something unique.

Glass-front kitchen cabinets

Anyone with kitchen items that need to be displayed will definitely like glass-front kitchen cabinets. They have an open frame with glass in front to make kitchen items stored inside the cabinets visible.

You can use it to show off your crystal vases, unique plates, or any other unique item that you may have.

This style of cabinetry is mostly used in specific kitchen places to show off. You can have a combination of farmhouse kitchen cabinets and glass-front cabinetry to enhance function and aesthetics in your kitchen space.


– Gives your kitchen space a special touch

– It is a good alternative to open shelving cabinetry but keeps kitchen items protected

– You can have extra lights installed inside the cabinets for extra illumination


– It is delicate and must be handled with care

– Exposes the interior of the cabinetry, thus, must be kept tidy at always

– It is more expensive than many wooden cabinetries.

Beadboard kitchen cabinets

You can easily identify this type with its distinct vertical slats placed together on their long side to create a bead-like connection. It is a perfect style for anyone looking for a Scandinavian flair in their kitchens.

It is not an idea that can work well in a minimal kitchen because of spacing issues. However, you could have a beadboard cabinet door on your kitchen island.


– It creates warmth in the kitchen through texture

– You can select the appropriate width


– It has uneven surfaces that make it hard to clean

Inset kitchen cabinets

It is a cool design option where cabinet doors fit flush with the face of the cabinet when closed. When done properly, the result is always a clean and smooth look. It is stylish and can often be expensive and take too long to install.

Any mistake done during the installation will mess up the whole cabinetry look. Though it is a modern design, some traditional farmhouse kitchen cabinets use this style to enhance function and appearance.


– The craftsmanship is classic

– You can personalize it

– It is uniquely beautiful


– It is expensive

– You need an expert to do it for you.

Plywood cabinets

These are cabinetry styles made of plywood. It looks great in varied kitchen styles including minimalist spaces.


– It lasts long because it is resistant to any changes in humidity and temperate

– The visible grain makes it beautiful

– The material is inexpensive


– You must use high-quality plywood to enjoy the sturdiness and durability features.

Louvered kitchen cabinets

 Louvered cabinetry stands sturdy like farmhouse kitchen cabinets. They add the extra unique touch that you need in your kitchen space.

They are unique because of their layered horizontal slats that help to create an illusion of more space. The doors are detailed well and improve the aesthetic appearance of any kitchen space.


– It is unique

– It makes the kitchen look larger than it is


– It is difficult to clean because of the layered slats

Bottom Line

These are the top styles that you have in your kitchen. Installing farmhouse kitchen cabinets can be a great way to get started in a modern home. However, you could also explore all these styles and visualize how they will impact your kitchen’s space.

Determine which one is ideal for you and pick it for your next kitchen remodeling project.