Your air conditioner is an essential piece of equipment, although it’s often overlooked in the cooler months. Unfortunately, this can mean that when you really need it you won’t get cool air. Of course, that’s not the only issue that can occur. It can be just as frustrating to have an air conditioner that is constantly running.

It emphasizes the importance of having an annual air conditioning service. This should pick up on potential issues and resolve them. Effectively avoiding issues during the summer and extending the life of the unit.

It is important to note that on really hot days your air conditioner will run continuously, it’s the only way of it managing the temperature for you. However, if it runs continually and you still don’t feel comfortable or cool then there is an issue. These are the most likely problems:

Restricted Airflow

Air flows through the unit and over the cooling coils. This reduces its temperature and allows the air to pump through your home, cooling the house to an acceptable temperature.

However, if there is a restriction in airflow the amount of cool air entering the home is reduced. That makes it harder for the air conditioner to cool your home. The result is a straining, constantly running, air conditioner, and an inadequately cooled home.

Check your filter and pipework to ensure they are all clear.

Dirty Evaporator

The evaporator absorbs heat from the air, effectively cooling it. However, if the evaporator has become dirty it won’t be able to do this efficiently. This will make your air conditioning run constantly and still won’t cool your home properly.

The same can also happen if the condenser is dirty as the unit can release the heat it has absorbed.

Low Refrigerant

Your air conditioner works because the refrigerant inside absorbs the heat and then cools, allowing it to absorb more heat.

However, if your system is low on refrigerant then it won’t be able to work efficiently, leaving you without the cooling you need.

If this is the case you’re likely to notice ice building up on the refrigerant line. You may also hear a hissing noise and you’ll often find warm air being blown into the house instead of cool.

Low refrigerant is usually caused by a leak. It’s advisable to get a professional to resolve the issue for you.

Not Big Enough


If you’ve recently had an air conditioner fitted or moved and found it’s not cooling your home properly it could be because it simply isn’t big enough.

The air conditioner needs to be the correct size for the space you’re trying to cool. If it’s not the air won’t cool properly even if the air conditioner is running all the time. A sure sign that this is the issue is when the evaporator coil becomes frozen. This is because the pressure inside the unit is too low compared to outside pressure.

You’ll need to add an extra unit or replace your unit with a larger one.