Whether you’re planning on selling your home now or just want to make upgrades that will help you sell it in the future, there are a few key areas that you should focus on to bring up its resale value. You might be thinking of remodelling your kitchen, bathroom(s), basement, or even doing some landscaping.

All are top home updates that will make a difference when it comes to selling price. But have you considered the advantages of upgrading your windows?

According to HGTV.com, the average return at resale for upgrading your windows is almost 90%. And don’t forget to replace those old sliding doors this summer too because that’s a huge number that you can’t just ignore. Here’s why it’s so big.

1. Reduces Energy Consumption

Older window units that have either been damaged over time or just aren’t as energy efficient as newer models can create drafts in your home that cost you money. Heat loss and gain through a home’s windows are actually responsible for 25% to 30% of residential heating and cooling energy use.
Reduces Energy Consumption
This means that when you try to heat your home you’ll be losing heat through air leaks, or when you’re trying to cool it air will be replaced by heat from outside, making your heater and AC unit work overtime and waste energy. When you add up the numbers, that’s a lot of money lost to energy consumption that could have been saved with more energy efficient windows.

New home buyers will be interested in a home that has upgraded windows because it means that they won’t have to worry about unnecessary energy consumption that will cost them money.

2. Makes Your Home Look Brighter

You probably don’t even realize it but older windows might be preventing light from entering your home. Whether your windows have been worn down, dirtied, are small, or improperly placed, all these issues can prevent natural light from getting into your home.

If you call a professional window installer they can help you come up with a window design that will get the most light into your home. Whether it’s choosing a new window style or simply replacing your old windows with new high-quality energy efficient ones, you’ll be sure to get more sunlight coming in.

Natural light is proven to improve moods, so buyers will be more inclined to buy your home if it’s bright.

3. Beautify Your Home – Both Inside and Out

Sometimes we get so used to seeing windows that we don’t even realize how much they add to the character of a home. Old windows can make your home look out-dated and drab, and can really hurt its overall appearance.
Beautify Your Home – Both Inside and Out
If you want to take on the cost of a bigger project, consider upgrading your living room window to a bay or bow window unit. These beautiful window styles consist of multiple windows put together to create a curved or boxed unit that protrudes from the home, forming an alcove on the inside. Not only are they a great way to let light into your room but they also make it look bigger.

Hopefully this list has shown you why it’s essential that you upgrade your windows – even just replacing them with newer models will be a big help in upping your home’s resale value.