Summer is a great occasion to take a fresh look at indoor plants and take them out into the fresh air. As a reward for the “sun” and “air” baths, they will delight you with lush growth, flowering and create a particularly cozy corner for a summer vacation, as if you are in a southern resort.

If you live in a private house, they will perfectly decorate your terrace. Moving to the country house, it is worth taking green handsome men with you. And if you stay in the city, feel free to take them out onto the balcony.

To create a summer mood in your home, add green plants and accessories to your interior. And it is best to do this in an open space, such as a balcony or terrace. In our selection of gorgeous and simple Balconies & terraces ideas with indoor plants that you will definitely like.

Mounted on casters, the vegetable garden moves as needed

01 - Mounted on casters, the vegetable garden moves as needed

Once the vegetable garden is full of soil, moving it becomes more complicated given its weight … unless you rely on a base with wheels.

Equipped with wheels, the container can be moved to unclog the passage or reorganize the terrace, the balcony as desired. It is also an opportunity to bring the plantations closer to the kitchen during the summer by sliding it just under the window or at the level of the threshold between inside and outside so that you only have to extend your arm during the preparation of the dishes. Meal.

Even children have the right to their balcony garden

02 - Vegetable garden on feet for children

Living in an apartment, or at least without a garden, does not necessarily mean giving up gardening as a family. Designed for children, this model of standing vegetable garden adapts to the constraints of terraces and balconies, where the surface area is often limited, thanks to its compact dimensions. 

Slightly raised, it is at height for the little ones (from 3 years old) and allows them to follow the evolution of a gardener over the weeks, years. Cherry tomatoes, strawberries, and aromatic herbs are ideal species to start with apprentice gardeners, who will have the pleasure of seeing them evolve quickly.

Plantations protected by a greenhouse

Some plantations are more sensitive than others to bad weather, and therefore need to be protected, especially during the cold season. A two-in-one system is ideal for growing on your patio all year round, without having your efforts ruined by a gust of wind or rain. Some models combine the advantages of a vegetable garden and a greenhouse thanks to a removable glass structure. When the sunny days are back, all you have to do is remove the cover to avoid the hot spots that a greenhouse can cause—the ideal compromise for a small exterior.

A colorful planter for a vegetable garden

04 - Plantations protected by a greenhouse

Adopting a more or less pigmented vegetable garden is an excellent way to boost the outdoor atmosphere. With few square meters available, it is advisable to choose elements as functional as they are elegant, like this version in bluish metal. 

Equipped with a deep planter and a remote system for the evacuation of water, it makes it possible to stand out with a vegetable garden that is not afraid of color. Leaning against a guardrail or a neutral facade creates a nice contrast and brings a real personality to the exterior.

The spirit of the “kitchen garden” in a standing planter

05 - A colorful planter for a vegetable garden

The standing vegetable garden is nothing more than a garden square adapted to the conditions of a terrace or a balcony (in short, an exterior devoid of Earth). Some models even take the resemblance to the limit by offering compartments reminiscent of the original system of kitchen gardens. Thus, it is possible to prioritize the plantations in a single container by separating the vegetables from the aromatic herbs. 

This type of structure also allows each household member to benefit from their own vegetable patch to cultivate what they want. Enough to introduce the whole family to the art of gardening.

A standing vegetable garden with a polished allure on the terrace

06 - The spirit of the kitchen garden in a standing planter

The standing vegetable garden also influences the exterior decoration. Chosen from a contemporary material (and less common than wood), such as metal can maintain the atmosphere created by the garden furniture already present. Fruits, vegetables, and other aromatic herbs are elegantly installed on the terrace or patio to the point of attracting all eyes. 

Working on rounded shapes and curves also reveals the decorative potential of the vegetable garden with several supports for plants. Or how to combine food and ornamentals in a single arrangement.

Combine standing vegetable garden and composter

07 - A standing vegetable garden with a polished allure on the terrace

To optimize the surface area or a slightly narrow terrace, nothing beats multifunctional elements. This raised vegetable garden is a good example since it hides a composter in its heart. Therefore, the compact structure is divided into three zones, with no less than two planters for growing plants, as well as a space for organic waste, straight from the kitchen. Peelings, eggshells, and other tea bags turn into natural fertilizers for neighboring plantations. Or how to combine small space and large approach.

Three modules for a versatile standing vegetable garden

08 - Combine standing vegetable garden and composter

No need to own a large garden to multiply plantings: with no less than three planters, this standing vegetable garden can produce many crops in a handful of square meters. 

Designed with a metal structure that gives it a contemporary look, it is, above all, modular and can therefore be adapted to the specificities of the exterior since the deported planter can be installed on one side or the other. Its untreated wood allows it to personalize the containers with a stain, a layer of more or less garish color.

An aged metal shelf welcomes the plants

09 - Three modules for a versatile standing vegetable garden

With its resolutely vintage look, this planter combines the worked atmosphere of a terrace with vegetable plants. The aged effect of metal offers an aesthetic alternative to anyone who wants to move away from wood or colored plastic. It goes particularly well with raw materials such as concrete, lime facades, which characterize certain urban exteriors. The shelf in question can even create a plant background at human height if placed behind an outdoor bench.

When the vegetable garden migrates inside the house

10 - An aged metal shelf welcomes the plants

 Without outdoor space available, it seems very difficult to grow your own fruits and vegetables at home … but not impossible for all that! Miniature greenhouses make it possible to counter the absence of a balcony with a vegetable garden adapted to the particular conditions of the interior. 

Hoisted on a more or less high base, the greenhouse can capture as much natural light as possible to facilitate plant growth. Its structure can even resemble a sculpture, oscillating between glass and wood for the majority of models. Thus the indoor vegetable garden becomes a decorative element in its own right.

The timeless wooden vegetable garden

11 - When the vegetable garden migrates inside the house

While there are many other alternatives today for shaping a standing vegetable garden, wood remains one of the most popular materials. It acquires a natural patina over time, adopting a grayer hue under the effect of bad weather while retaining its original character. It can also be dressed in colors, between discreet pastels and Klein blue pigments, with a simple stroke of special exterior paint. Suffice to say that a wooden container adapts to all environments and migrates from one home to another, from a terrace to the garden, without a problem.

Industrial spirit for this raised vegetable garden

12 -The timeless wooden vegetable garden

Raising the vegetable garden by a few centimeters also makes it possible to lighten its original structure – and the shape of the feet can make all the difference on the final result. It is better to favor fine, slender lines if the vegetable patch is made of wood or steel. Otherwise, the “solid” side of these materials will be accentuated. A light base also softens the character of the metal. Without losing its industrial accents, which make its charm, the metallic vegetable garden seems airier and more contemporary.

13 - Industrial spirit for this raised vegetable garden