When it comes to having a stylish, aesthetically pleasing back garden it doesn’t matter how much space you have to work with. Gardens are all about design and atmosphere, so as long as you put in the effort to create a space that feels welcoming and relaxing you’ve ticked the box. From the overall design to key features that make it even more unique, we’ve gathered some top tips to help you create a small garden space that look expensive and on-trend.

Layout Considerations

Small Back Garden1

It’s so important to get the layout right when it comes to a smaller garden space, as this will determine how easy to use and enjoy the space will be. First things first, you need to take every square foot into consideration and work out exactly what you want to achieve from your garden. Once you’ve mapped out the things you want to include, you can look to see where they would best fit and how you can properly utilise the space to accommodate this. From benches around the edging to built-in storage space, you can really make the most out of what you have and create a smaller back garden that’s packed with character and life. 

Outdoor Living

Having a good balance of essential outdoor living pieces will ensure your back garden is easy to use and comfortable. There are a handful of key features every garden needs, from comfy seating arrangements and surface space, to flower pots and decorative touches. Take note of the dimensions for the space you’re working with so that you can work out which pieces of outdoor furniture or decorative pieces such as plant pots and heaters will work best and where you’ll be able to position them. Having a comfortable living set up will enable you to enjoy beautiful summer evenings with friends, as well as making the most of the outdoor space you have. 

Statement Plants

Small Back Garden2

Introducing some bold, statement plants to your garden will instantly bring life and character, as well as adding value to your outdoor space. Plants are ideal for creating a fresh, vibrant atmosphere and there are some beautiful plants that will make a great statement in an instant. When you’re working with less space, having statement pieces will help to add a touch of character without going over the top, simply working them in to the overall look will make a huge difference to the way the space feels. You can find a range of beautiful outdoor plants online at RHS

Multi-Functional Touches

The more that you can do with your outdoor space, the more value you’ll add. When it comes to smaller spaces, you want to focus on ways to utilise the space and multi-functional features are perfect for this. For example, having a stylish wooden bench around the edge of your garden, fitted with essential storage inside the base gives you two key features without using any additional space. This is where you can really make a difference to the overall look and feel of your garden, giving you the chance to enjoy it just as you want too.