Due to the prevalence of painted cupboards, many contemporary homeowners are swiftly turning to stained cabinets to make their kitchens unique. While the popularity of painted furniture has been unparalleled for a long time, stained cabinets are now ahead of them in terms of popularity. 

This article is all about stained kitchen cabinets. Read on to discover more about these gorgeous cabinetry designs; their features, benefits, and the latest trends. 

What are Stained Kitchen Cabinets?

Stained cabinets are the direct opposite of painted cabinets. Unlike the painted cabinet varieties which come in different artificial color schemes, stained cupboards come in more natural stains. In most cases, they feature the natural appearance of hardwoods, including the likes of oak, maple, teak, and mahogany. 

In this respect, stained kitchen cabinets are typically made of natural materials, specifically raw wood. Their appearance is more often warm, bold, and inviting. Because stained appearance is typically neutral, stained kitchen cabinets can be blended with a myriad of hues, a fact that justifies their compatibility with lots of kitchen designs. 

Stained Vs. Painted Kitchen Cabinets: Which is Better for Me?

That painted cabinets are the most common in many homes globally is a proven fact. Nevertheless, stained kitchen cabinets, both light and dark stained, are increasingly gaining the attention of designers and homeowners in equal measure. 

You need to know the differences that exist between these drawers to determine the best for you. Generally, apart from their varying appearance, stained and painted cabinets differ in the following aspects. 

  • Lifespan 

Because of their naturalness, stained cabinets can maintain their cool looks for a longer time compared to painted cabinet varieties. According to interior design professionals, while stained kitchen cabinets can last up to thirty years, painted cabinets can only look cool for a maximum of only ten years. Hence, if durability is what you prefer in terms of your kitchen cabinetry, then stained cabinets are the best for you. 

  • Cost of Purchase and Installation

You are bound to spend an extra $2 for every square foot if you opt for stained and leave painted cabinets. Based on current market standings, stained and painted cabinets retail at $5 and $3 for every square foot respectively. However, although they are somehow more expensive, stained cabinets are known to be the most durable cabinetry designs. 

Hence, they might be expensive yet they can give you a better value for your money compared to painted drawers that can occasionally waste your hard-earned cash in terms of constant repairs and repainting. 

  • Ease of Usage

Due to their wood-grain appearance, stained kitchen cabinets are very easy to handle. Unlike cabinets with light paints like white, stained cupboards are uniquely resistant to scratches, dust, and tear and wear. 

Moreover, because of their neutral outlook, they are simple to work with in terms of mixing colors for any dream interior design outlook. Therefore, if you prefer cabinets that are easy to take care of and at the same time functional, then you need to consider going for stained drawers. 

Tips on How to Stain Kitchen Cabinets

If you don’t have the financial muscle needed in buying brand-new stained kitchen cabinets, you can stain the drawers you currently have to get the most out of the adored stained appearance. Compared to painting, staining cabinets is considerably cheaper and simpler. 

Here are tips that will help you stain your drawers like a pro. 

#1: Get the Needed Supplies

Before embarking on the process of staining your drawers, you need to ensure you have the right tools, stains, and anything necessary for the work. You can liaise with a professional interior designer online or physically to know what’s critically needed for the job. Generally speaking, the supplies you may need include the following. 

  • Tools like screwdrivers, tape measure e.tc
  • An electric hand sander
  • Coarse and soft-grained sandpapers
  • Soft rag or painters brush

#2: Disassemble the Cabinets

After getting the right supplies, you should proceed to the next step, which involves the removal of cabinet doors, handles, and other hardware or fixtures. By removing these parts, you will be creating room for efficient sanding. 

#3: Sand

Through sanding, you will be getting rid of the existing stain or finish, which is most likely out dated. Your sanding should be based on two cycles, in which the first involves the use of an electric hand sander with hard-grained sandpaper. In the last sanding cycle, it will be good if you will use soft-grained sandpaper for a finer finish. 

 #4: Apply Stain

With the help of a rag or rugged painter’s brush, you should apply the stain of your choice on the cabinetry, along with the grain pattern. To ensure the stain you apply is well absorbed by the cabinetry material, you should apply a sufficient amount of stain. The more the stain darkens, the more it is absorbed by the cabinet material. 

#5: Assemble the Cabinetry

After the applied stain has dried, you can proceed to reinstall the various cabinet fixtures and hardware you had previously disassembled. When re-assembling the cabinetry, you need to ensure you reinstall parts back to their original places unless you want your cabinetries to look odd. 

What are the Most Popular Stains for Kitchen Cabinets?

  • Natural Stain

While the natural stain is not a real color, homeowners everywhere consider it a perfect kitchen cabinetry color. Kitchen cabinets with natural stains are loved because they expose the beauty of wood in its original state. 

Because the natural grain pattern of wood can be made visible by any natural stain, kitchen cabinets with natural stains tend to be more visually attractive compared to those with other kinds of stains. 

  • Barley Stain

If you prefer light-stained kitchen cabinets, barley stain should be your first-choice stain color. It is a neutral stain that mixes well with lots of different colors. Therefore, whether you want your stained kitchen cabinets to be two-toned or you want to incorporate colors in your scullery, barley stain will work well for you. 

  • Honey Spice Stain

Honey spice is a classic stain that comes with a warm and cosy visual appeal. If you apply it on natural wood cabinets, it will greatly reveal all the attractive properties of their hardwood component. 


Do you want the interior of your scullery to be unique in terms of visual attractiveness? If yes, then you need to consider stained kitchen cabinets.  They are not only visually appealing but also fashionable and versatile. Regardless of the design of your kitchen, they will always fit in just as you want. 

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