Tiles aren’t just for walls and floors; they can be used in a plethora of different ways to create beautiful and unique design ideas for any area of your home. The great thing about tiles is they can be cut to any size, and they can be found in any colour, style, or pattern you might want. This means that no matter what look you might be going for, tiles can be the answer and make your home look wonderful. Read on for some clever ideas about how to use tiles in your home. 

Improve A Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a staple in many living rooms, and using tiles, you can make yours a lot more interesting. You just have to use something like porcelain floor tiles cut to the right size, and then you stick them to the top of your coffee table. You can use large tiles that take up the entire space, or you can cut tiles into much smaller pieces and make a pattern. 

If you choose to do this, you’ll need to think carefully about practicality. You might need to build up an edge to ensure the tiles fit properly, and you may want to consider using some kind of sealant over the top of the finished design to ensure that spills don’t stain the grout. Once these things are taken care of, the end result will look stunning. 

Refresh Your Headboard

As we mentioned earlier, tiles can be cut into a variety of different shapes, so it won’t matter where you want to put them, they’ll always fit. That’s why your headboard could be something you choose to add tiles to. It will certainly be very different, and you can make the style your own.

You’ll need to remove any padding from your headboard and clean the area left behind. Then you can adhere the tiles in any way you want to. Ideally, you should create a paper template first to make sure you’re happy with your pattern and that everything is going to fit because it can be expensive, messy, and time-consuming to take tiles off again once they are stuck to a surface, but if you plan well, this can look truly beautiful. 

Transform A Bookcase

Does your bookcase look boring? Is it just the same as everyone else’s because it came flat packed from the same store? If so, you can use tiles to make it unique. Tile the back area of the bookcase, and suddenly you’ll have something beyond the books that makes it look wonderful. 

For this task, you’ll need to use smaller tiles because they’ll not only look best, but they’ll fit better too. This is a small space, relatively speaking, so you need to think wisely about what you’re going to install there. Once it’s done, however, you will have transformed an everyday item that everyone has seen before into something so much more lovely. 

Make Planters

Did you know that having plants in your home is beneficial to your health? It can improve the mood, and it purifies the air

If you have plants, you’ll need planters, so why not add tiles to the outside of those planters? In this way, they’ll match your décor, and your home will be transformed.