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How Cutting Down Your Food Waste Can Help You Lose Weight

How Cutting Down Your Food Waste Can Help You Lose Weight

You might be thinking right now: how on Earth are food waste and diet linked to each other? Well, these two are connected more than you think.

Food waste is one the world’s biggest problems often brushed off by many. This is a massive worldwide issue because it can put the health of the planet at risk. Imagine this: we are using almost every available land to grow food crops or farm animals. Every manufacturer releases loads or CO2 in the air and tons of chemicals into the water just to produce our food.

Cutting Down Your Food Waste1

And admit it. All the food, which you mindlessly hoard at supermarkets and grocery stores, don’t always end up in your stomach. Some of it, in the trash they go. Along with their non-biodegradable packaging.

Along with these hoarding tendencies (buying all the food you really can’t eat), is another habit that you won’t immediately realize: “eat it, don’t waste it” behaviour. This is where your eating habits and weight come into play.

The more you buy food, the more you helplessly try to consume them. Which often leads to weight gain. Makes sense, right?

So if you’re trying to trim down some fats, you might want to consider reducing your household waste, too. Not only will it help you trim down your waistline but also it will help save the planet.

Cutting Down Your Food Waste2

We asked just the right experts at Ecolateral for some tips on watching your food waste and here’s what they have to say:

  1. Instead of buying pre-packaged items like vegetables and fruits, start using reusable bags or mesh when buying these items. This way you cut down all the trash that goes into the landfill.
  2. Cut down your meat and dairy consumption by one or two meals every week. Unbeknownst to many, the meat and dairy industries are one of the biggest factors in food waste and pollution. If we all reduce our own intake of these products, we can help the planet significantly.
  3. When buying meat, provide your local butcher your own bags. Again, avoid pre-packed meat for it can make a world of difference in our environmental footprints. In addition, remember to only buy the amount of meat or other items that will be enough for the week or two weeks. This way you can also reduce your food waste.
  4. Your pantry may be filled with packaged items like nuts, seeds, grains, and dried fruits. But if you really want to cut down your food waste, you might need to change things up a bit. Instead of buying packed items, opt for bulk food shops where you can buy in bulk using mason jars, paper bags and other repurposed jars.
  5. In relation to that, avoid packaging as much as possible. Especially individual packaging. Buy the best amount that you will use in packaging. But it will be so much better if you avoid plastic packaging at all.
  6. Use water filters to purify your water you won’t have to buy bottled water. Always bringing your own tumbler or canteen can also help in reducing plastic bottle wastes.

These are only some of the things that you can do to cut down your food waste and eventually eliminate it totally. Reducing your food waste can also be an extra step on top of proper diet and exercise to trim down some fats and ultimately lose some weight.

So if you’re just starting out in your fitness journey, you might want to look at reducing your food waste at a different angle. It will not only help promote a more healthy planet but also a healthy lifestyle.