California is a great place to live, boasting a strong cultural scene and an abundance of great weather.  

If you are going to live in this kind of iconic setting, then it is important that you make the most of it. You will not be stuck for things to do, and there are plenty of things to get onboard with that will boost your quality of life. But what are they?

Well, here is how to live your best life in California.  

Bag a Killer Apartment


When most people think of California, they think of Los Angeles, home to movie stars and… yourself?

Look into Los Angeles apartments, and you will not be stuck for inspiration and ideas on how to live your best life. A vibrant setting, it is the dwelling of both the overwhelmingly successful and the hardworking grafters with a dream. There is an enchanting narrative surrounding this area, one of great optimism and hope.

Fortunately, it has never been easier to learn more about apartments in Los Angeles. Apartment Guide provide a comprehensive list of all the properties available to you, with detailed rundowns on rent fees, property features, and locations. They also provide deals and special offers, so it will not take you long to find the perfect pad for yourself. If that is not enough, there are also reviews to be browsed also, helping you to make more informed decisions. In the end, the quintessential California experience has never been more in reach. 

Engage with Harmony

California is ripe with opportunities to engage with nature. 

In this Westerly state, you can discover rolling hills, sprawling riverscapes, towering mountains, and sandy shores. Everything in between is on offer too, including deserts and forests. Ultimately, the level of diverse landscapes to visit is mindboggling, and not only this, but many of them blend seamlessly with the urban and cosmopolitan areas too. 

Take Loma Linda, California, for example, a city that is Spanish for “beautiful hill” and nestled in the glorious San Bernardino Valley. CNN dubbed it as an “epicenter of health and wellness” where people live longest and healthiest. The source notes that part of this is down to a merging of spirituality and activity, where “daily exercise out in the fresh air of nature is the norm.” You do not have to be religious to feel a divine energy with the outdoors, and the sense of peace and harmony in this location is unrivalled. Aim for this attitude in your own California living, and the wellbeing benefits will be plain to see! 


Immerse Yourself in the Culture

There is an openness in California that is hard to find anywhere else. 

The state is famously liberal, and this can mean great things for residents, regardless of your political affiliations. After all, last year California became the first state to ban discrimination based on natural hairstyles. Everyone here is embracing who they are, and not only that, but who others are too. Opportunities are open to all.

California is inclusive, welcoming, and a diverse population is at the heart of it all. The foods and traditions come from all over the world, and accepting attitudes make it easy to build friendships. When you immerse yourself within California culture, you are never just getting ‘one’ experience, but instead a whole host of them! That will all lead to a truly dynamic lifestyle, so living your best life here will involve making the most of such an open and progressive culture.