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Knowledge to Know About Black Kitchen Cabinets

Knowledge to Know About Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black, blue, white…? Choosing just the right color to use when making one’s kitchen cabinets might be one of the most challenging tasks. This is; when designing or remodeling one’s kitchen. This is really worth thinking about as the color of your kitchen cabinets can really affect not only the overall outlook of your kitchen but also the mood. Having black kitchen cabinets is probably one of the least ideas one would consider.

In this article, you will be able to answer these questions and many more. This will change your thinking about using black kitchen cabinets to make your kitchen more beautiful, unique, and attractive. 

Reasons to use black for your kitchen cabinets

Of all other colors, what are some of the reasons you should pick black for your kitchen cabinets?

It is a compatible color

Black comes in different shades, it could be matte charcoal or glossy jet, these hues add another layer of drama to your beautiful space as it makes the other colors pop even more. It is also considered trendy and sophisticated. You can pair it up with gold drawer handles, knobs, and gold countertops with a gold vein running through. You can do all of these if it matches the rest of your house. If not, then just go ahead and pair it up with any other color.

It shows modernity

According to research, black is one of the most common colors in kitchen designs these days. This, therefore, means that black kitchen cabinets would be a great fit for any modern kitchen design. 

It just makes a statement!

It is a true definition of beautiful and bold. This is one color that just makes a statement and can also be subtle when needed. It not only draws so much attention but is also such a powerful color. It offers a one-of-a-kind elegance. 

This is also one of the reasons that you would really want to consider having black kitchen cabinets, it looks fashionable, and striking and the color is considered trendy and sophisticated. What more would one ask for?

Improves the resale value

If it is a project you are working on, having black kitchen cabinets would help you sell faster as they give the kitchen a very chic feel. Also, unlike how much dirt white kitchen cabinets would show dirt, these would not show as much.

It acts as a contour

If you find your kitchen looking too big or extra spacious because of having a white background, incorporating black kitchen cabinets will make it feel more intimate and also make your kitchen appear cozier. Also, when they contrast with the light that comes from outside during the day, it provides a fresh spin.

Less work

Having black kitchen cabinets definitely means lesser work compared to having white or any other brighter cabinets. One would really appreciate this if cleaning your kitchen has always been a major concern for many reasons as it would mean that the mess would not be so obvious. This, therefore, means, if you are a very busy person or you don’t really appreciate doing the extra cleaning, then, you are at the right place. 

Cons of black cabinetry

To everything that has a good side it is also good to know what to look out for, right?

Below are some of the things to consider as you plan on using these cabinets:

Regular cleaning

The fact that the cabinets are black does not change the fact that they do require cleaning. This is because like any other cabinet they will still get accumulate a lot of dirt. 

Other colors

Dark colors do not work so well when used alone. They always look better when used with some other colors, bright colors to be precise. This will help in providing you with a beautiful contrast.

They are delicate

Compared to other colors, this one is more prone to wear and tear. It might not be so conspicuous but it actually is very susceptible to getting scratched by fingerprints and other things. 

Thorough research and consultation

With this color, you might want to be really careful because it can be a bit tricky to work with without enough information. Dark colors can make a room look smaller than it actually is. This, therefore, means, if your kitchen has a dark background and you put cabinets that are black it might seem cramped. So, work with a professional if you will have to. 

More lighting

Having dark colors will also mean having more lighting to prevent the space from appearing gloomy.

Explore the different options you have

Before finally making a decision on whether to use a bright or a dark color when it comes to your kitchen cabinet, you might want to think about things like the other colors you will be using for the rest of your space, the size of the room, the design and the kind of mood you would like to create for that space.

If you are thinking of projects like farmhouse the bright-colored kitchen cabinets would do but if you are thinking modern, black kitchen cabinets is definitely the way to go. 

If you don’t have so much space using bright colors would do but if the space is well-lit, spacious, and has a bright background you might to tone it down a bit with black kitchen cabinets.

Whatever color scheme it is that you will choose to settle on, ensure that it brings out the mood you intended for your space. The kitchen is one of the very important spaces, so ensure you pick a color scheme that will match your personality and brings out the right energy you want to feel when you are in there. 


If you choose to use black kitchen cabinets in your kitchen space it will depend on the atmosphere you want to create for your space. 

Having explored so many reasons why you should use black kitchen cabinets you now know where to go!