Discover a new horizon by holding onto passion of sailing!

Luxury yacht is a second home for whom to be loved, limitless of oceans, seas and color of blues. After restrictions came into the world with Covid-19, due to depression of lockdown, many home abodes might not be back to normal, as per predictions most of the people will change their places, flock to seas, oceans, or untouched lands.

Therefore, luxury yacht interior design inspiration becomes an attractive topic for people who have sights to set a home on high seas.

However, you will need a successful yacht interior designer to customize your space and enhance the interior, which is crucial to support your second floating home with functionality and a high level of security.

Now, time to increase your investment with stylishly furnishing interiors of your luxury yacht by putting into consideration its features!

  1. Fundamental angles
  2. Light details
  3. Low ceilings
  4. Shape of rooms 
  5. Storage
  6. Minimal square legs

Regardless of the size of your craft, a beautiful and functional luxury yacht should be well thought-out and carved out with someone you can trust. 

Algedra Interior Design gives you tips about the best luxury yacht interiors where you can get some ideas;

Choose designs that you can immobilize

Although the swaying of boats has decreased with technological advancement, it should not be forgotten that yachts are active living spaces. So, we need to be careful to avoid unstable decoration materials, lighting elements and to use objects that we can fix instead.

Give narrow spaces a spacious look

Using light-toned materials helps the space to look larger and create a spacious atmosphere. 

Luxury Yacht2

Opt for bright furniture and designs with a color palette ranging from ice blue, white, and beige. Durable and light materials such as enamel and melamine in tableware will make your life easier.

Note the relationship between form and function

Rounded forms should be preferred, as corner furniture can cause danger while cruising. In the selection of accessories, you can focus on horizontal rather than vertical designs. Remember, all materials used, from textiles to electronic equipment, should be suitable for marine conditions, practical and functional.

Use an ultraviolet polish

Since the furniture to be used in yacht decoration will be constantly exposed to moisture and sunlight, it is very important to use ultraviolet-resistant polish on furniture in terms of the long-life of wooden objects and furniture.

Choose the right lighting elements

Yacht interior lighting should be considered different from the lighting used in homes. Instead of halogen lamps that cause an increase in temperature, LED lights that do not produce heat should be chosen. 

Luxury Yacht3

Lighting must be fixed in order to take precautions against disasters such as fire that may occur on the yacht.

Highlight functionality in kitchen details

Yacht kitchen designs are among the first choices of yacht owners in love with marine life with features such as durability, ease of movement, maximum storage and lightness.

Glass in yacht architecture and design

Glass promotes the feeling of larger and wider space, creating a perfect balance between interior and exterior. 

Yacht Furnishing and Decor

Sometimes small touches are enough to create a completely magnificent and different style in yacht decoration. A carpet, even a few pillows or table accessories can make a big difference. 

Choose the one that suits your taste, review our suggestions and add your own imagination to change the mood of your floating home.

Timeless French Style

Maybe your yacht isn’t floating along the French Rivieras but that doesn’t mean you can’t apply the elegant, chic and classic French style. When you think of French interiors, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly lines. Even the striped pillows you will lay on the beige or white seats are a touch of tranquility which is enough to capture the fresh air. 

Luxury Yacht4

Dark blue, white are generally preferred in the core palette to bring the timeless style of the French coast.

Mid-Century Modern Style

Materials such as wood, brass, leather, and velvet are key to adding a mid-century touch. A settled, curved, nostalgic form that creates a soft and gentle atmosphere. 

The truth is that mid-century modern design has never gone out of style.