A sideboard is an essential piece of furniture that comes in to meet your storage needs in the dining room, living room, kitchen, hallway, or any other part of your house that needs a functional piece of furniture. It is excellent for storing items, but where you want to use it brings out a difference in the specific features, you will consider. For instance, you can choose one that features short legs and a hutch for display if you want to use it in the living room. Check out these smart tips for choosing the ideal sideboard.

Consider your space

Determine which room in your house requires a sideboard. Depending on your needs, your home may require one to several sideboards for different rooms. It is best to measure the space to know precisely the size of a sideboard you need. Measure the length, height, width, and then go for shopping armed with your measurements.

Check the material and design


When checking the material and design, you will also need to consider the rest of your home decor. You need to choose a sideboard that aligns with the decor in that specific room. Wooden sideboards are a smart investment as they offer you durability and will become a part of your home for several years to come. Different wood sideboards such as oak, walnut, and teak are crafted with intriguing creativity, dovetailed joints, wood drawer glides, and aesthetically appealing finishes. They feature careful attention to detail that brings out a classic statement to complement your other furniture pieces. The design you choose, of course, depends on your style.

Consider the functionality

Sideboards come in different designs, with some featuring drawers and others compartments. The style you select depends on how you will be using the sideboard. For instance, if you want to use it in the dining room, a sideboard with drawers will be a better choice for storing cutlery, napkins, and placemats. If you’re going to place it in the living room, a sideboard with compartments for displaying tall vases, trophies, and other display items will be ideal. A sideboard with large storage compartments is suitable for storing CDS, toys, games, books, and other media items.

Check the style


Do you prefer a sideboard with opening doors, a glass display, or open shelving? For display purposes, you can choose a sideboard with glass doors. However, glass doors at the lower level will not be practical if you have kids running around the house or placing the sideboard in a high-traffic area. Sideboards with sliding doors are suitable if you don’t have enough space for opening the doors, for instance, if you are placing it at a tight corner. Lockable doors are also ideal if you need to lock some items up.

Choose the color

When choosing the color, you will have to choose one that aligns with the rest of your room’s furniture pieces. If you select a different color, the sideboard will contrast the rest of the decor. But a wise choice of color will enhance the rest of your home decor.

the bottom line

Your style will be reflected in your choice of a sideboard. However, consider its functionality, material, style, and artistry so that you can benefit from a statement piece.