They’re sociable, cosy and they look great! We’re not at all surprised that Firepit tables are the number one garden furniture trend for 2021. So, without further ado let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why Firepit tables have become the must-have outdoor furniture for this year.

  • They offer a cosy, outdoor gathering space

Firepit tables provide a focal point for friends and family to gather around. There’s nothing better than kicking back in the outdoors surrounded by loved ones and warmed by a flickering fire in front of you. Firepit tables are perfect for outdoor entertaining and provide an ideal heat source for when you want the evening to carry on late into the evening. 

  • They look great

Adding a firepit table to your garden can really transform the look of your outdoor living space. There are plenty of different designs to choose from, meaning there’s a style that best compliments any style of garden decor


  • They create an ‘outdoor room’

Firepit tables provide a cosy, outdoor extension of your indoor living space. Rather than sitting in front of the TV every evening, a firepit table creates an alternative space for families to enjoy a cosy evening outdoors, all in the light of a blazing fire.

  • They provide 360 degree heat

The great thing about firepit tables is that they provide a 360 experience. Whilst some outdoor fire pits provide limited heat and light, firepit tables provide the same level of warmth for everyone sitting at the table.

  • They can be used for outdoor dining 

You can now buy firepit tables which are designed specifically for casual outdoor dining. With a firepit table, outdoor cooking is far more convenient and sociable than regular barbecuing. It provides a safe forum for cooking so you can enjoy catching up with loved ones whilst enjoying a drink of choice.

  • They’re easy to maintain

If cared for correctly a firepit table can last a number of years. It’s important to clean your firepit table regularly to ensure it continues to burn efficiently, and, of course, continues to look fantastic in your  garden space. 

  • They can be used all-year round

With a firepit table the outdoor season doesn’t have to end with the onset of Autumn. Firepit tables can be used all year round, providing a cosy source of heat for those more chilly evenings when you still want to enjoy your evening outdoors.


  • They are very safe when used correctly

Like any form of outdoor fire making, safety is key and caution should always be taken when using a firepit table. However, as long as all guests are using the firepit table responsibly,  it provides a contained source of heat for cooking or socialising. 

This list is certainly not exhaustive. We could go on for days about the numerous benefits of owning a firepit table. However, hopefully the above has provided you with a glimpse into why everyone is talking about how brilliant firepit tables are in 2021.