Vinyl roofing is also known as polyvinyl chloride or PVC roofing. This is almost the same as the hard pipes. It’s just that this comes with additional plasticizers making the materials flexible. Moreover, this is one of the long-lasting and flat coverings to find out there. It is virtually leak-proof and lightweight when installed properly.

It is advantageous in the sense that it can be welded using the heat at the seams. The seams rarely divide the same as the glued or taped seams. This is also essential because the source of the leaks originate from the flashings and the seams on the roof. The vinyl roofing also makes a perfect choice for the rooftop garden. This is also while the likelihood of the leakage is reduced.

One more thing, it comes with a rubberized and flat roof often introduced in white. White also has the highest reflectivity to the sun of any type of roofing color. That makes it a good choice if your home is intended for cool roofing. The rubber roofing also comes in black to be laminated with an extra layer. And this extra layer consists of titanium dioxide. Nevertheless, the titanium dioxide is not as durable as compared to the rubber roofing. It only chips away before the warranty of the flat roof is up. The good thing about the vinyl roof is that it does not create this problem.

Indeed, the vinyl roof is beneficial especially when it is properly cleaned. But, how do you exactly clean a roof? How often should you do it? What are those things to avoid to not seriously damage the roofing system, the environment, and the membrane?

Cleaning Vinyl Roof2

Remember that keeping the vinyl roof clean and looking great is essential. This is the core of attention from the ground. This roof type is also an environment having more airborne particles. That’s when safety anchors and extensions must be placed up here. This will properly tie off the crew throughout the cleaning process. There must as well be standing seams & decorative parallel lines following the roofline. These contribute further to the demand of careful cleaning.

Have your Vinyl Roof Cleaned by Trained Professionals

Your vinyl roof must be cleaned by trained professionals. They are the ones who best understand the roofing systems and all other caveats. Let a company install the roof and do the cleaning as well. They also have an understanding of your roof. They also take pride in their work.

Get the Cleaning of Vinyl Roof Yourself Too Without Damaging It

There are a few things to keep in mind when cleaning the vinyl roof yourself. Keep them in mind as always.

  • Rinse off the topmost layer part of the dirt w/ using a low-pressure type of power washer. This should be positioned at 2,000 psi or even just lower than that.
  • Utilize the right cleanser. Just stick with water only and a non-abrasive, non-sudsing, and powdered cleanser. Include using an environmentally-friendly cleaning solution intended for PVC roofs. Moreover, add up a solution from combined water and non-abrasive household type of detergent.
  • Utilize one from the tools for the gentle cleaning of the surface. Add the following items: soft-bristle brush or natural-fiber cloth, rotary surface cleaner attachment; floor buffer that runs on a low speed.
  • Completely rinse the roof using a low-pressure type of power washer.
  • Monitor the membrane for any possible damage brought about by the cleaning process.

Cleaning Vinyl Roof3

Frequently Clean the Vinyl Roof

Follow a maintenance program if there is to best remove the debris coming from the roof. Do this on a daily basis. But if you clean the roof every year, don’t use cleansing agents anymore. Water is already enough to get the benefits from cleaning the vinyl roof.

But if the roof is exposed to dust and dirt accumulation or extreme environmental contaminants, you must make use of a cleanser every time. Clean it more often using water.

Better to talk to a Thai vinyl roof supplier too so that you be advised in cleaning the vinyl roof!