Russian Style Interiors

Russian style is a fashion beyond borders and time, filled with the flavor of past generations, a generous Russian soul, and folklore. Even though eminent designers turn to urban interiors using glass, stone, and metal, Russian-style interiors are trendy in Russia and abroad. A distinctive and individual style can bring zest to a spacious country house and a modest apartment in a residential area of ​​the city.

Basic principles of the interior in the Russian style

1. Russia

Styles such as minimalism and hi-tech are on the rise today, but the distinctive and incredibly soulful Russian style in interior design is unmatched at any time. The interior in the Russian style is a tribute to traditions, a manifestation of patriotism, and endless love for the Motherland. Surprisingly, residents of our country, but those who live far beyond its borders, resort to the Russian style. Often people living in diasporas try to transfer a piece of their native land to the conditions of a foreign culture.

The Russian style reflects the desire to return to their roots and respect history in every aspect. The historical past is seen in the aggregate of seemingly incompatible elements. For example, tables and benches made of wood complement the plush beds with luxurious canopies that came to Russia from the West. During the reign of Peter the Great, Russian dwellings underwent a lot of changes, absorbing European features.

The spread of the fashionable country style at the end of the 20th century again drew the attention of Russians to the colorful Russian style. A genuine desire to give your apartment or house the look of an authentic Russian hut appeared in the 90s of the last century, and today this design decision is reflected in the homes of Russians. Consider the key features of the Russian style:

  • An abundance of wooden coatings and natural wood furniture;
  • The construction of log houses is one of the main principles of building the interior of a home in the Russian style;
  • The presence of dishes with Gzhel ornament, floral motifs;
  • So those new items blend harmoniously into the interior, they can be deliberately aged using popular technology;
  • The use of natural shades: brown, beige, green, red, etc.;
  • The use of beautiful wooden furniture with carvings;
  • Natural fabrics from cotton, wool with lace elements, and embroidery.

Many decorative elements are inherent in the Russian style. It is appropriate to supplement the room with earthenware, figurines, paintings, icons, towels, wrought-iron candlesticks, etc. The central element of a room in the Russian style can be a fireplace or a stove. Of course, a fireplace is appropriate in a country house; it is permissible to install an electric fireplace in an apartment.

Color solution

2. Color solution

The interior color scheme in Russian style dictates all shades of brown, white, and beige. Brown is the primary color in the palette, which allows you to maximize the color of a wooden house. Wooden panels, parquet flooring, and hanging beams combine to create the same effect of coziness, originality, and unity with nature.

You should not be limited to a color palette that imitates a woody shade. It is better to dilute this ensemble with curtains and tablecloths of pastel colors, use napkins and blankets with delicate floral patterns. More and more fashion experts are comparing the Russian style with ecodesign, which is now widespread in the West.

Indeed, the interior in the Russian style is characterized by maximum environmental friendliness, naturalness, and naturalness. He denies the use of metal and plastic, so even appliances and furniture should be selected to not stand out from the general concept. The predominance of natural materials creates a unique atmosphere of coziness, tranquility, and comfort. Bright acidic shades should be avoided.

Furniture and decor elements

3. Furniture and decor elements

Russian style in the interior is not just the use of wooden wall and floor coverings, but also the right furniture. It must be massive, comfortable, with beautiful carvings and smooth surfaces. Wicker chairs can become a highlight of the interior. A sideboard, chest, or bench with large legs will perfectly fit into the kitchen or living room interior.

Chests among the Slavs were of particular importance since they were modern wardrobes in which clothes, towels, and tablecloths were stored. Today, the trunk can also become not only stylish but also a functional piece of furniture. Dishes with Khokhloma painting and Gzhel will help to complement the look of an authentic Russian hut.

The catalog of goods of the furniture holding “Angstrom” will help you choose high-quality and original furniture that will harmoniously complement the interior in the Russian style. Founded in 1991, the company produces exclusive furniture, over which world-renowned professionals work. High-quality certified materials combined with high-quality imported fittings are the best solution for connoisseurs of durable, eco-friendly, and stylish furniture.

Decorative pillows, embroidered napkins, cotton and linen curtains combine to create a rich decoration and demonstrate the beauty of Russian culture. In the modern version of the Russian style, the features of the eclectic design are traced.

In apartment buildings, it is much more challenging to recreate the features of the Russian style precisely than in a spacious country house. However, designers recommend that when arranging an apartment, adhere to minimalism and use the characteristic features of ethno-color (appropriate furniture and decor items).

Modern kitchens decorated in this style are best equipped with custom-made furniture. Manufacturers can significantly age the surface of cabinets and countertops and give them colorful national-style features. In the spacious kitchen, you can create an island part with a stylized Russian stove, which will attract the eyes of all guests. The oven can be used as a structure designed to store dishes and an additional work surface.

The painting of one of the walls in the room looks impressive. On it, you can depict themed flowers, the landscape of an authentic Russian village, field, or river. It is essential to pay attention to the windows. You can make unique shutters, paint the area that is adjacent to the windows. To create additional comfort, it is appropriate to use a carpet made of natural materials.

Today the Russian style is the personification of the rich and generous Russian soul, boundless, beautiful, and original. It fully reflects the richness of traditions and the beauty of Russian culture. Style forms an abundance of natural materials and details in the interior. The use of natural wood and natural stone fills the residents of the house with energy, nourishes them, and the symbiosis of ornaments, elegant carvings, and natural fabrics allows you to touch the centuries-old traditions of our ancestors.