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12 Ideas To Decorate Porch Beautifully

12 Ideas To Decorate Porch Beautifully

A beautiful porch in the country house invites you into the house, tells about the character of the owners and allows them to rest in the shade after hard work in the garden. And on a warm summer evening, when all the troubles are over, it is pleasant to sit at the entrance with a cup of tea and enjoy a leisurely conversation. Here are 12 ways to make your summer porch cosy and unique. Today we will consider only the simplest ideas, which everyone can afford and can afford.

1. Flower pots

1. Flower pots

2. Flower pots

3. Flower pots

Just by building a picturesque group of several flower pots or flower pots of different sizes and shapes on the doorstep, you can transform a dull porch. It is not necessary to use whole ceramics – broken old jugs, folded somehow, filled with earth and seated with variegated flowers, often look more original than a new beautiful container. Wooden tubs, boxes, iron cans, or anything else where plants can be planted are also suitable.

If the porch is cramped, but the staircase is wide, like the flowers in a line on the side of the steps!

2. Ampel plants

4. Ample plants

5. Ampel plants

6. Ampel plants

Pots with flowers, suspended on hooks under a canopy, decorate the porch and at the same time demonstrate the handicraft talents of the hostess of the house, if she knows, for example, the art of macrame. But you can make containers for imperious plants in many ways: knit with large crochet, weave from a vine, assemble from wooden beads.

3.Vertical garden

7. Vertical garden

8. Vertical garden

9. Vertical garden

10. Vertical garden

You can equip a very beautiful porch in the country, even if it is tiny, and hanging and floor plants create such a mess that there is nowhere to turn around. Use the free wall at the entrance! Even a novice master can put together a simple system of flower shelves or assemble it from old boxes.

4. Vines and bindweed

11. Vines and bindweed

12. Vines and bindweed

13. Vines and bindweed

The easiest and most effective way to decorate the porch in the country with living plants is to allow them to freely wrap around walls, railings and fences, creating shade and comfort. Of course, you have to be patient, because chic thickets of ivy, clematis or honeysuckle will not appear overnight, they take time. But the result will be amazing, especially if you paint the balusters in a bright colour, for example, snow-white, or cover with a stain.

5. Art installations

14. Art installations

15. Art installations

This trend is approaching us from the West and is gaining more and more fans. The bottom line is to arrange on the porch a kind of exhibition of the national economy from improvised items used in the country and not necessarily in good condition.

You can use:

  • garden tools – watering cans, rakes, hoes, shovels, hoes, pitchforks, sickles;
  • garden equipment and accessories – aprons and aprons, elbow pieces and sleeves, hats and Panamas, rubber boots and raincoats, mittens for working in the ground;
  • household containers – buckets, basins, bottles, tubs, wicker baskets;
  • floor stands and wall mounts, on which all this will be picturesquely located.

6. Duty pedestal

16. Duty pedestal

17. Duty pedestal

And here is an example of how a beautiful installation for a porch in a country house can also be made useful. Choose as a basis a colourful wooden cabinet, a simple bookcase, a wall cabinet or an unnecessary coffee table and, in addition to decorative objects, fill the composition with objects necessary in everyday life.

It can be:

  • portable lantern or candlestick;
  • lighter or matches;
  • a bunch of keys from outbuildings;
  • umbrella and goloshes in case of bad weather;
  • a basin of water;
  • rope or rope;
  • fertilizers for flowers;
  • small garden tools (scissors, pruning shears).

7. Seats and tables

18. Seats and tables

19. Seats and tables

20. Seats and tables

If the porch area in the country allows, you can equip a beautiful and cosy seating area, and for this, it is not necessary to fork out stylish rattan garden furniture. Put together a simple bench or corner bench, and if you are not friends with carpentry, ordinary hemp will suffice. Let them act as mobile stools and a table, and for decoration and convenience, textile seats can be stuffed on the stools.

8. Hammocks and swings

21. Hammocks and swings

22. Hammocks and swings

23. Hammocks and swings

Continuing to discuss the topic of a spacious beautiful porch at the dacha, let’s remember about swings and hammocks. When there is enough room for them, why not?

Children will be especially happy, and if there are elderly people in the family, it would be good to carry a deep rocking chair on the porch. In it, grandfather will be happy to read in the evenings, and grandmother will knit warm new clothes for her grandchildren.

9. Signboards and Plaques

24. Signboards and Plaques

25. Signboards and Plaques

26. Signboards and Plaques

Another contagious example of western country flavour is the welcome and funny signs that greet guests and cheer them up. Any owner can make and paint a wooden plate for these purposes.

You can place your work on a door, an adjacent wall, a fence, or include it in an art installation. And the content of the sign can be anything, from a banal street name, house number or the names of the owners to life-affirming quotes.

10 .Door decorations

27. Door decorations

28. Door decorations

29. Door decorations

An original front door is an integral part of a beautiful porch, and if it is cramped, then this is almost the only opportunity to show creativity. The door can be painted in a bright colour, painted through a stencil, equipped with a fancy pen or letterbox, decorated using decoupage technique or topped with a floral arrangement.

11. Lighting

30. Lighting

31. Lighting

32. Lighting

Skillfully placed light creates cosiness and invites guests, so it is difficult to imagine a beautiful porch without it. Luminaires can be wall-mounted, floor-mounted or pendant, they can be attached to fences, wrapped around the railings and canopy with glowing garlands.

And since we are talking about street lighting, you need reliable devices that can withstand precipitation and temperature changes.

12. Mat

33. Mat

34. Mat

35. Mat

With him, we could start our conversation, and we finish it because buying a cute, unusual or funny rug for the front door is the easiest and most inexpensive way to decorate the porch in the country. This idea should be adopted by those who are limited in square meters and financial resources.