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13 Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

13 Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Recently, the celebration of Valentine’s Day in our country has become a good tradition. On Valentine’s Day, lovers try to express their feelings, and, most often, they do this with the help of gifts and pleasant surprises. Moreover, you can easily find original gifts for lovers in online stores. And you can even make something with your own hands.

Before the holiday, in the head of every person in love, the question arises of what to give for Valentine’s Day to the other half, how to please her and pleasantly surprise her. After all, on the faces of loved ones, you always want to see a smile. But for this, you need to understand what points you need to pay attention to in the first place during the search. In the article, we have collected relevant and exciting gift ideas for February 14, from which everyone will be delighted.

How to choose the right gift for Valentine’s Day

Of course, the process of preparing for the holiday is very entertaining, because you need to think through many different moments and not forget anything. We tried to combine all the tips, and we got a list of actions on choosing the right Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one.

  • If you want to prepare consciously and think over everything to the smallest detail, then, undoubtedly, you should start choosing in advance. This will give you the time you need, and you will be able to think over different presentation options without much rush.
  • Valentine’s Day is one of the most beloved holidays for lovers. When it comes time to choose a surprise, it is worth focusing on more romantic things that turn out to be personal and dear to the addressee, for example, with engraving, photo printing, or other vital symbols.
  • Be sure to consider the interests of a dear person, because the owner should need any present. It’s pretty annoying when a surprise is chosen thoughtlessly, and the recipient does not even know what to do with it later.
  • Of course, do not forget about gift wrapping; we recommend that you purchase it for a surprise. When a beautiful box appears in front of your eyes, and you do not see what is inside, the brain, in anticipation and anticipation, begins to sort out a bunch of different ideas, and what a delight it will be if at least one of the options coincides.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the valentine because on Valentine’s Day; it is customary to exchange these small postcards and confess your feelings to people dear to you. Many people prefer to make it with their own hands as a gift for February 14; it turns out to convey more warm and tender feelings.
  • Those who are accustomed to surprise should think over the creative presentation of a surprise. You can try to play a scene or even arrange a flash mob. And also decorate the room or prepare a pleasant romantic, during which and give a presentation.

What to give for Valentine’s Day

There is not much time left to think about what to give for February 14th. And, perhaps, our small selection of ideas for inexpensive and original gifts will save you from throwing around on the last day in search of something that will allow you to express your attitude towards your loved one in a special way.

Heart-shaped headphone splitter

1. Heart

This original and beautiful headphone adapter will bring lovers closer together because you can listen to music or an audiobook (if you have a long trip) at the same time as your companion. And, as you know, nothing unites people like common hobbies.

Warm mittens and gloves for lovers

2. Warm mittens

Winter is not over yet. And such a gift will be very useful for long walks together. Your hands will always be warm, and you are inseparable from your loved ones. A set for two consists of 3 items: two separate mittens and one – common, double, in which two hands of lovers are placed at once.

Warming socks with aromatic herbs

3. Warming socks

As you know, all ages are submissive to love, and “Valentine” does not care how old you or your chosen one is when it comes to love and real feelings. Such warming terry socks filled with lavender and buckwheat will bring true pleasure to your dear and beloved companion in life, warm his legs and prevent getting sick.

Thermosensitive mug “Heart”

4. Thermosensitive mug

It is always nice to have a cup of delicious and aromatic tea. And it is doubly pleasant if you drink it from a mug donated with love by a close friend. Such a thermal mug, which magically changes the colour of the heart depicted on it when heated, can be presented to your beloved or just a person you like.

Pair of mugs for lovers

5. Pair of mugs

Pair mugs continue the theme of tea-themed gifts. Such mugs can be presented to a dear person for any reason. But on Valentine’s Day, double heart-shaped mugs or decorated with thematic symbols are especially important.

Keychains, pendants and rings for lovers

6. Keychains, pendants and rings

7. Keychains, pendants and rings

Romantic keyrings: “Two halves of a heart”, “Key from the heart”, “Key and lock”, pendants and pendants in the shape of a heart – this is what will always delight couples in love.

Continuing with the jewellery theme, a great gift is pair rings “Eternal Love”. These are two rings at once “for him” and “for her”, executed in the same style.

Robes for two

8. Robes

This idea, first of all, will attract the attention of fans of the book or TV series “Game of Thrones”. A wonderful gift for two – terry dressing gowns with the words “Khal” and “Khaleesi”.

By the way, you can buy a pair of matching robes and embroider the words yourself.

Magic Fortune Cookies

9. Magic Fortune Cookie

Sweet gifts should not be ignored either. Many girls have a sweet tooth, and if it is also a gift from a loved one on such a day …

Fortune cookies are not only tasty but also original. The cookie is made from crispy dough in such a way that it is empty inside, and a paper strip is hidden there, on which a short prediction is written. You want to know something about yourself – just break the cookie.

Gifts-experiences for lovers

10. Gifts-experiences

Giving an unexpected and memorable gift to your loved one is easy! It can be a romantic hot air balloon ride or the feeling of free-falling in a wind tunnel, and a parachute jump will allow you to touch the clouds with your hands.

Romantic getaway on Valentine’s Day

11. Romantic getaway

Are you ready to surprise your loved ones on this day? This is quite possible if you propose to go together for a day or two to one of the resorts of the Moscow region.

Special offers for lovers were prepared by the Beloe Lake sanatorium in the Shatursky district, the Bekasovo recreation complex in the Naro-Fominsk district, the Ognikovo park-hotel in the Istrinsky district, the Krankino hotel near Moscow and the HELIOPARK Thalasso spa hotel.

Romantic photo session for two

12. DIY gifts

13. DIY giftsSuch a gift will delight your loved one.

DIY gifts for Valentine’s Day

These gifts won’t take long. A little romance and creativity – and you will easily conquer the object of your love. The most important thing is to do it from the heart, with a message of love and acknowledgement of your feelings.

For example, you can:

  • bake delicious heart-shaped cookies and decorate with multi-colored icing;
  • give a composition of balloons in the form of hearts, having previously enclosed valentine notes with declarations of love;
    make a beautiful volumetric card with a heart or decorate it with patterns using the quilling technique;
  • make a valentine, for example, from salt dough, knit or embroider, make handmade soap in the shape of a heart.

In a word, experiment, fantasize and find the most original gift ideas for your loved ones. After all, for them this is not just a traditional sign of attention, but something much more, from which the heart warms up, and the soul freezes in anticipation of a miracle.