Living rooms are the most entertaining and important space in any house. This is the space where we spend our majority of the time while at home. The Bohemian style of decorating the living room is becoming very popular nowadays just likes the bohemian music. It is a combination of old and new, hence the bohemian style is also a combination of different styles. Usage of different lush textures and intricate patterns essentially creates the true bohemian feeling.

The best feature of this style is that you can use any art pieces, your own works and mix colors combination as per your wish. Bohemian style often resembles some cool Eastern interiors. Checkout our latest collection of 25 Awesome Bohemian Living Room Design Ideas and get inspired.

Bohemain Living Room Designs
This Bohemian living room with mixed color interior and proper utilization of small gives the room a bold and fashionable appearance.
Bohemian Living Room Design
Burgundy color sofas with lot of decoration and a classic rug with a large window and a mixture of colorful class cabinet with glass accessories looks pretty chic.
Bohemian Living Room Ideas
Unique wall art on white wall and a combination of red sofa with dark rug gives you the feeling of traditional signature.
Bohemian Living Room Olive Green
Bohemian living room with olive green wall paint along with large library and a touch of contemporary furniture with small zebra print rug.
Bohemian Living Room Psychedelic Living Room
The library cabinet in this room is really comfortable. The mismatched sofas with tufted center table arranged in a perfect way.
Bohemian Living Room
The ultra combination of colors with contemporary furniture and decoration with the use of unique designs is a very chic move.
Bohemian Living Rooms
This bohemian living room is true example of classic set of colorful and printed pillows with quilts around with rustic white wooden flooring inspires you a lot.
Bohemian Style Interiors
You just love this patterned rug with traditional wooden ceiling and lamps along with classic Moroccan style furniture.
Bohemian Style living room
This Bohemian room is pretty unique. Different pieces of furniture included with colorful and printed sofas. The rug all soothed down by the natural sunlight.
Rich color combination with Mediterranean style design and decoration no words for this stylish living room.
Bohemian living room with brown accent, walls covered with decorative photo frames. A combination of dark brown cabinet, white glossy art table and rattan armchair.
Classy Bohemian Living Room
Classy Bohemian living room with warehouse like interior which is very spacious and neat design paired with a colorful long curtains.
colorful bohemian living room with pink ceiling green sofa and gallery wall
Colorful bohemian living room with pink ceiling green sofa and gallery wall. Don’t forget the antique center table made with trolley wheels.
Colorful Bohemian Living Room
Colorful Bohemian living room with mismatched furniture and a rainbow rugs with sufficient sunlight sooth down your eyes with colorful lights.
Cool Boho Chic Interior
Cool boho chic interior with colorful rustic wall decor and furniture which is bright enough to provide this boho living room with a statement.
Eclectic and Bohemian Style
Cool mixture of Eclectic and Bohemian Style decor with light wooden flooring and concrete wall along with beautiful center leather table.
Ecstatic Bohemian living room with colorful accent armchair contrasting. The main attraction is leaf printed lime wallpaper and navy blue sofa.
Elegant Bohemian Living Room
Elegant Bohemian living room covered with chic furniture and soft rug and library cabinet. The aura in this room is really homey and comfortable.

Gallery of Bohemian Living Rooms

Good Bohemian Living Room

Gorgeous Bohemian Living Room

Inspiring Bohemain Living Room Designs

Inspiring Bohemian Living Room Designs



Rustic Bohemian Living Room

Bohemian living rooms are known for their uniqueness and bright use of colors. Hope you guys like our collection and please feel free to share your feedback under comment section. Enjoy!!

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