Here’s why glass decorative vases should be your go to!

Everyone dreams of having an elegant and cozy living room where to relax, read or entertain friends and displaying interesting objects which will impress your guests as well. But why just dream it if you can have it?

A simple way to give your room a touch of uniqueness and even vitality is choosing the design complements that best fit the style of your house as a whole. This should be done while mantaining a continuous harmony between the different rooms of your home and adding eye-catching contrast exclusive elements to embellish the environment to its full potential.


The perfect way to do so and to make your home look luxurious as well is by preferring hand made high quality products. Between this category of products there’s no doubt the choice is close to infinite. However, products such as Murano glass decorative vases, can have that something which other design decorative pieces lack and that will make your home stand out among the rest. These works of art which have been enhancing the most important and chic Venetian palaces since the XII century are truly the best for house decor!

Each of these wonderful pieces is different from the other as they are made by extremely skilled artisans capable of carefully crafting heated glass in the furnaces at the impressive temperature of 1400 c° and to turn it into incredible masterpieces like goblets, blown glasswares, glass sculptures and hand-blown glass vases and many more refined objects such as glass mirrors, decorative glass balloons and even Picasso Heads!

These results, as one can imagine are an accomplishment only achieveable through an unparalleled experience and special production techniques carried on from father to son from generation to generation since 1297.


To own a glass blown decorative vase is to own a piece of the history of Murano Island and the Italian city of Venice. The heritage such products are impregnated with is surely enough to make for fascinating discussion topics through which you can entertain even your most strict guests.

Still, it doesn’t end here since you can find that these precious objects come in various shapes, colours, and sizes. There’s one for every taste: from the more classical ones decorated with the traditional “murrine” – which are tiny colourful pearls of glass melted together highly popular and always in fashion – to more modern designs passing through original products like glass vases depicting exotic fishes or decorated with stripes and even hand blown bubbles!

In addiction, some decorative glass blown vases are available in limited edition too, making them even more exclusive and magnificent products which you can be sure only you own.


It can be useful for you to know that while some vases are sold individually there are beautiful sets available as well. This may come in handy if you are planning to style an open-space, a large table or even if you are looking for a special and invaluable gift for an important occasion.

Moreover, some of these kind of glass blown vases available both in physical boutiques – if you happen to be in Venice – and in online stores – like – can be even more enriched by incorporating into the glass this products are made of even more precious decorative elements like silver, gold and bronze leaf, making this glass creations more outstanding than ever. Imagine how an exclusive piece like this can light up your domestic environment adding a touch of luxury worthy of the most exclusive five star hotels!

Besides being remarkable products of the highest quality of italian craftsmanship each of these unique glass decorative vases is signed by the artisan who physically made it, making it a work of art in its own right intimately connected with its creator. Something which represents an added value not many products can boast to have.

This characteristic makes this one-of-a-kind glass pieces the perfect present you can buy for your living room as well as the perfect gift for special occasions too! An invaluable accent element like this one  will certainly make a good impression on anyone whether it’s family or friends!


Last but not least let’s get back to, the only official site which sells the products of the 20 most relevant furnaces in the little island of Murano. Every glass creation you find on this site is shipped carefully to make sure you purchase is safe at all times and it is also protected by the Trademark of Origin.

The Trademark of Origin is a tiny label which you will find on each glass product. This mark was conceived by the Italian law to protect and promote all of the Italian excellency products from the threat of counterfeit.

Therefore before acquiring any labeled “Made in Italy” products be sure to check for it and don’t get misleaded!