The Chesterfield sofa is one of those pieces of furniture that you cannot pass by indifferently. It is associated with England, timeless elegance, and gentlemen smoking cigars. However, can the classic Chesterfield sofa be a fashionable element of a contemporary living room? Of course. Check what it fits!

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History of Chesterfield Sofa

The detailed history of the creation of this famous sofa has been lost in the mists of time. Indeed her homeland was in England, and the name “Chesterfield” became popular around 1800. The most popular theory about the birth of furniture has to do with a certain Lord Philip Stanhope, fourth Earl of Chesterfield. This gentleman ordered a chair from a local craftsman to allow the upright sitting position and, at the same time, not to expose the luxurious attire to creasing. The piece of furniture provided by the manufacturer became the prototype of the classic Chesterfield sofa.

After Lord Stanhope’s death, the chair went to his godson, Solomon Dayrolles. The latter, in turn, placed the piece of furniture in his residence and willingly presented it to the visiting aristocrats. The guests must have been very impressed with the chair because they commissioned copies for their palaces. Over time, the original model underwent modifications that increased the comfort of using the furniture. The more comfortable the Chesterfields became, the more they became popular with wealthy Britons. They have become iconic pieces of equipment for elegant gentlemen’s clubs and have found their way into overseas colonies. The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, also appreciated them, who used the Chesterfield sofa during sessions with his patients.

Will the Chesterfield Sofa Work in a Modern Living Room (4)

What does the Chesterfield sofa look like?

So how do you recognize a contemporary Chesterfield sofa? First of all, the characteristic figure. The backrest of the couch is low and elegantly rounded, smoothly turning into comfortable, rounded armrests. Its distinctive feature is decorative quilting, sewn with buttons in the same color as the furniture cover.

The sofa seat consists of cushions – most often, they are smooth, although sometimes they also have buttons. The classic Chesterfield sofa is supported by tiny legs, making this massive piece of furniture visually lighter. As for the upholstery fabric, authentic Chesterfield is covered in leather or velvet-chic materials that emphasize the “aristocratic” origins of the furniture.

What interiors does the Chesterfield sofa fit?

Perhaps, after reading the history of Chesterfield furniture, you associate them with arrangements full of antiques, an old English palace, or a Victorian villa. And yet, this type of sofa can successfully become an interior design element in a contemporary style.

Classic style interior – it’s hard to find a more fabulous classic than the Chesterfield sofa. As an absolute icon of the old and present design, it will be perfect for interiors decorated in the style of classic elegance. Its rather serious nature will match the subdued color palette of such arrangements. In turn, thanks to its expressive silhouette, the sofa will make safe compositions chic.

Glamor-style interior – nobility obliges! Lord Stanhope became famous as a writer and politician and as a judge of elegance. No wonder then that the armchair he ordered had a fine line that quickly delighted the aristocrats who were accustomed to luxury. So you can safely invite the Chesterfield sofa to a glamor arrangement, full of marble, transparent glass, and shiny metal. However, remember to choose a model in an intriguing color – you can easily find a slightly elegant Chesterfield sofa at Home

Eclectic interior – aesthetic qualities and functionality made the Chesterfield sofa a success also outside Great Britain. It did not take long for this furniture to appear even in the farthest corners of the British Empire – in Canada; it was so successful that for a long time, all sofas and couches, regardless of their appearance, were called Chesterfields. The popularity of this furniture was undoubted because it looked great surrounded by any accessories – for this reason, it can easily combine Chesterfield sofas with a variety of colors, shapes, and textures that the eclectic style loves.

Industrial-style interior – will the elegant Chesterfield sofa fit in with a raw interior inspired by old factories? Of course, it is! Chesterfields perfectly match the discreet elegance of industrial arrangements. They are perfect for interiors composed with men in mind – they will introduce a pinch of atmosphere straight from a British gentlemen’s club to a male apartment. Sofas in deep colors – dark brown, anthracite, navy blue, or olive – will work best in such an arrangement.

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Will the Chesterfield sofa work in a modern living room?

Perhaps you wonder if a piece of furniture created over 300 years ago has something interesting to communicate in modern arrangements? Look at it this way – if Chesterfields enjoy unflagging interest and popularity more than three centuries after their design, then they must have something universal about them. Indeed, the Chesterfield sofa can become part of even the most minimalistic, modern interior. A large, light-colored sofa set in the middle of a raw loft will emphasize the size of the room and give it a noble panache.

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Why is it worth having a Chesterfield sofa?

The Chesterfield sofa has come a long way from a luxurious novelty accessible to the few to a fashionable element of contemporary arrangements. Features that make it worth reaching for this extraordinary piece of furniture are:

  • timelessness
  • classic elegance
  • functionality
  • the comfort of use.

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The Chesterfield sofa is a piece of furniture for you if you value the charms of old design, but at the same time are looking for equipment with a modern character. Chic and functional, comfortable and stylish – a contemporary Chesterfield sofa is a perfect marriage of tradition and modernity, which will suit almost any arrangement.