If I ask which is your favorite space in the house? I know without any guess the answer would be LIVING ROOM. We can very well define a living room in many different terms. Well for some people it can work as a simple seating area or lounge area, some people would consider it as the main living space in their home, where guests and family gather to watch TV, read and chit chat.

One of the best ways to make sure your living room looks and feels inviting is designing a layout and floor plan that works for your space, i.e. it should be space oriented and not against it. A small living room has their own challenges due to their limited space; bigger living areas present their own set of pros and cons. Checkout our latest collection of Brighten Your Life with These Big Living Room Ideas and grab some wonderful ideas to decorate your living area.

dark color scheme with wooden flooring
The big living room has a breezy appearance due to the wise layout, dark color scheme with wooden flooring. The contemporary sofa adds soft texture, while the traditional wooden cabinet and window with white drape is enough to boosts up the beauty of this living room.
exclusive leather tufted center table
The bold layout of this high contrast living room with optical illusion of larger space. The unique tufted sofa and beautiful colorful rug maintain the peace of this room and don’t forget this exclusive leather tufted center table.
Dark color scheme and lots of natural light
Dark color scheme and lots of natural light from this giant windows along with plenty of light decoration specially on ceiling creates a stunning ambiance.
Luxurious living room
Luxurious living room with tall ceiling with expensive chandeliers, tall windows giving sufficient ventilation and natural light to the room also brighten up the creamy layout.
The dark velvet comfy sofa with a modern fireplace
Unique antique furniture and carefully well created ceiling and stunning dark granite wall keeps the room cool. The dark velvet comfy sofa with a modern fireplace adds lively visual effect.
Large contemporary living room
Large contemporary living room with plenty of space with modern decorations and lighting and all creamy color scheme with a light granite floor and lots of texture is the ultimate key for decorating a big living room.
living room and with modern setting
We love the seating arrangements has adjust the large space in the living room and with modern setting gives you lot of space.
Studio living room
Studio living room which gives you the feeling of ample space with optical illusion of larger space. The big traditional dining is the unique attraction of this room.
Comfortable living room
Comfortable living room with chic comfy sofas and beautiful dark rug and center tufted table with a light color scheme.
Tall ceiling big entrance
Tall ceiling big entrance along with rattan furniture and a beautiful color block flooring . while the piano and dark color tall wall additionally create contemporary outlook.
The all white structure of the roof ceiling
This white living room is bright and cool. The all white structure of the roof ceiling add a nice ambiance included with the clean white color scheme it adds a superb refreshing and vibrant note.
Large sea facing living room
Large sea facing living room with amazing view combined with true luxury and space with led lights inside ceiling gives you a feeling that you are in a resort.
Beautiful chic living living room
Beautiful chic living living room with a combination of white and dark accent creates a feeling of chocolate look along with beautiful traditional furniture.
Fantastic big living room
Fantastic big living room with an outdoor view decorated with beautiful contemporary furniture included velvet rug, comfy sofa, night lamp with a sleek glass partition for outdoor gallery.
All hardwood scheme
All hardwood scheme with a light hardwood floor and rustic wooden ceiling with a transparent large glass partition creates a natural environment in this living room.

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