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6 Genius Decorating Ideas For Your Small Space To Look Bigger In Size

6 Genius Decorating Ideas For Your Small Space To Look Bigger In Size

To freshen up the interior, it is not necessary to make major repairs, you can use these decorating techniques

 1. Color

1. Color

2. Color

3. Color

4. Color

5. Color

With this technique, you can change the scale, erase the boundaries of the ceiling and walls, zoom in or out of the walls. This is the fastest and most effective technique for changing space.

There are different uses for color:

  • paint existing doors in the color of the walls – the doors will become invisible, and space will expand;
  • paint the ceiling and walls in the same color: using this technique, you will erase the boundaries between the top and walls;
  • paint furniture in the color of the walls: this way, you can dissolve large table in space.

 2. Storage space

6. Storage space

7. Storage space

8. Storage space

Small apartments always lack storage space. Take a closer look at remote storage systems: a bed with a lifting mechanism for storage, a sofa with an inner drawer, dressers, built-in wardrobes, tables with drawers.

 3. There is never too much light

9. There is never too much light

10. There is never too much light

Lighting creates a different mood and works for other functional areas: reading books, working at the table, eating. Fear the lonely chandelier in the center of the ceiling! Add floor lamps, sconces, tables, or wall lights to your room. One room can have up to about eight light sources.

 4.Variety of textures

11. Variety of textures

The more different textures, the more interesting it is to consider an interior of any size. Add velvet, wood, metal, matte or glossy surfaces to the same room, but don’t forget harmony. With the help of textures, you create a thoughtful and exciting interior – attention shifts from the size of the room to the details in the space.

 5. Stop being small

12. Stop being small

In contrast, in a small apartment, add tall doors, plain vertical curtains, tall plants, and floor lamps. This creates the illusion of space and ceiling height.

 6. Wall decoration

13. Wall decoration

14. Wall decoration

It is bland and impersonal to paint all the walls in one color. You can paint the walls and glue the wallpaper in one room – the space will immediately become more expressive.