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Ideas For How To Clean Your Balcony And Outside Areas Instantly

Ideas For How To Clean Your Balcony And Outside Areas Instantly

We usually leave the cleaning of the balcony for later: it seems that it can last forever.

What do we need?

  • floor brush;
  • rag for cleaning floors;
  • a vacuum cleaner;
  • container with soapy water or powder (for the bottom);
  • aerosol cleaners (for windows);
  • clean cloth;
  • sponge or brush with a long handle;
  • Stiff brush (for handrails).

Where to begin?

1. Neat room

Remove all things that will get in your way. Better, of course, to endure everything – at the same time decide what it is high time to get rid of.

Moving on to windows

2. Moving on to windows

If you start from the floor, all the dust and dirt from the walls and windows will settle during the cleaning process. So wipe down all surfaces, paying particular attention to the frames. And do not forget about the door to the balcony: it also needs to be washed.

As we have told you previously for how to clean windows properly. But if you want to do it even faster, use aerosol glass cleaners (or use a spray bottle with soapy water). Start on the inside to determine how dirty the outside is.

What’s with the back of the window?

3. What's with the back of the window

You have two options for how to clean it: use a long-handled brush or a magnetic brush.

Long-handled brushes are double-sided. On the one hand, there is a sponge. On the other, there is a scraper with a rubber nozzle. It is convenient to wrap fabric on it and walk on already clean glass. It’s good if the handle can change length so that you can easily reach the farthest areas. 

But it’s much more suitable to use a magnetic brush. It consists of two meetings connected by a magnet. If you place them on different sides of the glass, the attraction will prevent them from falling. When buying, pay attention to the thickness of your glasses and the size of the interest. These brushes can clean glass up to 32 mm thick. The stronger the draw, the higher the cost.

And if the balcony is open?

4. And if the balcony is open

Then, instead of the windows, you will have to wash the railings. If time is short, walk over them with a brush dipped in soapy water. And if you still have an extra hour, update the barrier after a long winter: paint and varnish.

Moving to the floor

5. Moving to the floor

Brush or vacuum up any coarse debris then sweeps around with a mop. The choice of cleaning representative will depend on the balcony flooring. To avoid using abrasive products, replace them with soapy water.

Start at the far corners and work your way up to the entrance. If there are skirting boards on the balcony, pay special attention to them – this is where the most dirt accumulates.