Getting it right when decorating a small living room is easier than you think. You just have to apply these tips that will visually enlarge the space and make it even more welcoming. Do you want to discover them?


Small Living Rooms1

In the living area, all life revolves around the sofa and this should have a size proportional to the space you have. As much as you like a family sofa, check, first of all, if its presence is going to force you to give up too many meters. Does it really make up for you? So  take the meter and measure. Do not rule out opting for modular sofas that you can join and separate, according to the needs of each moment or models without armrests. In this little room in the image, a two-seater sofa with a chaise longue could fit without problem. And he got.


Small Living Rooms2

It is one of the decorating tricks that work best. And you know. So if your living room is small, hang mirrors on the walls or, better yet, replace a partition with a glass wall, like the one in the picture. You will be able to extend the visual horizon and your living room will appear larger and brighter.


Small Living Rooms3

What are you going to do in the living room? It’s the million-dollar question because it depends on what you answer – watch TV, rest, talk, work that’s how you should decorate a  small living room. If you are going to devour series, install the television right in front of the sofa; If you have a fireplace, around which you love to sit and chat, the sofa will have to face it. Are you going to work on the computer? So, get yourself a good assortment of cushions and a footrest to be very comfortable. By having a built-in bookcase, the living room in the image could have two L-shaped sofas for different practices.


Small Living Rooms4

If your living room is so small that you can barely fit a sofa, don’t worry! A couple of comfortable seats will be more than enough to relax or have a pleasant conversation. And if you have a fireplace, like the one in the image, hearing the fire crackle in the background while reading a novel or the latest issue of El Mueble, it also has its charm, don’t you think?


Small Living Rooms5

Who has not been tempted to set up a living room in an attic? If its dimensions are small, take note of these tips to decorate it: paint it white to make it look bigger; place in the lowest part a two-seater sofa, without legs, that is at ground level; use a pouf as a coffee table and choose a bespoke shelf that occupies only the necessary meters, no more, no less. You will see what magic it gives off!


Small Living Rooms6

And in addition to the choice of the sofa, you will ask yourself how to decorate a small and simple room? You cannot miss a coffee table with the capacity to organize. It can be a table as is or any other object that serves as a support surface: a pouf, a suitcase, or a trunk, like the one in the image. If you decide on one of these, you can use its interior to store blankets or plaids, for example.


Small Living Rooms7

Do you use your small living room basically to watch series on TV? So you better install the TV on the wall. Almost all firms offer this option. It is a good idea to free up space, so you will avoid having to put a substantial support piece of furniture. Here it has been solved by placing under it a simple bench that you can use as a seat in gatherings or deposit books and magazines on it.


Small Living Rooms8

Sofa + coffee table + armchair is the key to success in decorating a small living room. Its dimensions require not overloading it too much and opt for a decorative style in which the maxim of “less is more” prevails and where functionality is above all. Pay attention to the trick of this living room: its distribution similar to the outside living room doubles its space with the doors open.


Small Living Rooms9

If you want a room to look older than it is, go for light tones. White, beige, gray, or light blue go wonderfully. They are the ones that were used in this concise living room both on the walls and in the upholstery of the seats. In small settings, round coffee tables are lighter than square or rectangular ones. If they are foldable, like this Arab type with tray and scissor legs, much better, because you can make it appear and disappear whenever you want.


Small Living Rooms10

Would you love to create an eco-friendly atmosphere at home, akin to nature? Then you will wonder how to decorate a small living room with plants. Very easy. Better place a large pot instead of several smaller ones. You can also use an indirect sustainable decoration, based on plant prints on textiles or paintings, as shown in the image. Do you want to know which are the ideal plants for the living room?


Small Living Rooms11

In small living rooms, storage can be a problem. Fix it by fixing the wall shelves that serve as a bookcase, since a floor-length shelf model will subtract physical and visual space. In the image, we have chosen to place super practical wall-to-wall shelves above the sofa. One or two in parallel is enough. Remember those horizontal elements have the power to lengthen the rooms.


Small Living Rooms12

Just because your living room is small doesn’t mean you can’t give it your personal touch. Yes, we have said that you should decorate it with light tones to make it look bigger, which does not mean that you cannot put a more colorful piece. Fancy a sofa in an eye-catching shade? Well, put it on. In addition, it will help you to energize the environment. And if not, look how good this green model in the image looks.


Small Living Rooms13

You can’t help it, but you enjoy hosting friends at home so much! If the dimensions of your living room do not allow you to gather as many as you would like, create extra seating places. How about placing a bench under the window, for example? Set up a mat and cushions to make it more comfortable. And if you design it with drawers, it will be worth storage. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone.


Small Living Rooms14

You have to see how interior designers squeeze their heads so that a small living room gains visual space! In this cozy living room with a fireplace they have not only placed a mirror over it -something very recurrent- but the back of the shelves are glazed and, to curl the curl, the pillar that separates it from the dining room has been covered with rectangular mirrors in all their faces. Tuition!


Small Living Rooms15

Did you know that furniture with high legs has its advantages? They make air and light circulate; They update the room and are also appreciated when cleaning. You will be able to pass the broom, the robot, or the mop underneath, without problems. In this minimalist living room, furnished with a sofa, an armchair, and a light coffee table, they have taken it to the letter. Another option is to put a coffee table with wheels that allows you to move it from one place to another comfortably.


Small Living Rooms16

How we like the versatility of the beanbags! This living room in the picture, although small, lacks nothing: a sofa, coffee table, occasional tables, armchair, and poufs. And the best thing is that its decoration, at no time, produces a feeling of overwhelming. The key is choosing the right size and shape. Opt for light coffee tables, with metal legs for example, and round side tables and poufs that give the living room a light and informal touch.


Small Living Rooms17

You are looking forward to getting home to lie on the couch and watch that series on TV that has so hooked you this summer. You would like to enjoy it in a big way but your living room has the measures it has, so discard the idea of ​​putting a widescreen TV in it. You must keep a safe distance, yes, here too! If between your sofa and your Full HD smart TV — you know, better hung on the wall — there are between 1.5 and two meters, the device should not be larger than 50 inches; If there are between 2 and 3 meters, the ideal is that you choose one of 75 inches, maximum. Distances that are reduced by half, if the resolution is 4K UHD. Keep that in mind. Your view (and your small living room) will thank you.


Small Living Rooms18

In small rooms, we must be much more careful with the order. Everything has to be in its place and there has to be a place for everything, as Marie Kondo would say. In this room, it has been achieved thanks to the light television cabinet with a closed space to store and another open to leave the poufs when they are not used. More storage solutions? A chest of drawers with high legs adds style to the living room.


Small Living Rooms19

We are very much in favor that in small and simple living rooms, like this one in the image, white reigns on the walls. Thus, natural light will reflect on them and illuminate them even more during the day. Nor should you neglect artificial lighting. Bet on a floor lamp next to the sofa and a small lamp on the side table. And if they don’t fit, don’t rule out some adjustable wall lights on the sofa to illuminate the wall decoration giving it prominence or your reading moments.


Small Living Rooms20

If your living room is small but bright, you already have a lot of cattle! And if, in addition, you opt for a neutral range in furniture and textiles, like here, better than better. Are you planning to change the wooden floor in your living room? Choose it in light tones and you will see how it seems that it has gained meters. Works!


Small Living Rooms21

White walls, floating shelves, light furniture, a coffee table with high legs, and a darker tone adding character. This room brings together many of the tips that we have compiled to guarantee the success of your small living room. And if that were not enough, it also closes around the fireplace – another focal point next to the sofa – making it a super comfortable space.


Small Living Rooms23

In addition to expanding rooms, do you know that putting small mirrors, according to feng shui, can serve to return conflicts to their origin? In this hall, they are placed inside two sofas in L drawing one setback wall arcuate. Two mirrors in the shape of the sun decorate it and on the terracotta floor, two overlapping rugs – one made of fiber and the other made of cotton – give it warmth.


Small Living Rooms24

If the priority in your small living room is to enjoy pleasant conversations, invest in a good social gathering area with a comfortable sofa, a coffee table for coffee, and two armchairs. In the image, two garden models have been installed, demonstrating once again that the border between outdoor and indoor is non-existent. This time three mirrors have been chosen to decorate the wall, evidencing that the odd compositions provide balance and dynamism in decoration.


The sofa against a wall and facing the storage area is the traditional layout of a small living room. This is the only way to make good use of every inch. It is what has been carried out in this image. Nest tables have been chosen as a coffee table that can be put on or taken off, according to needs. Take a look at the multifunctional piece of furniture on the left, where the lower floating shelf serves as a support for the television as well as a shelf, seat, and storage under it!


Small Living Rooms25

Here you have another version of a small living room with a traditional layout. On this occasion, the floating shelves have been replaced by a Nordic console with high legs and storage space. Between it and the sofa, a reading corner has been arranged with an armchair and a floor lamp. And to protect the floor and give warmth to the room, don’t forget to place a rug. Did you know that striped prints visually lengthen a room? The same goes for the curtains, you will give more height to your living room if you install them from ceiling to floor.