How to make a Christmas tree with your own hands

Unfortunately, we do not always manage to put a Christmas tree at home – the main decoration of everyone’s favorite holiday. This happens for a variety of reasons. One of them is a small room. A decorated Christmas tree, even relatively small, oddly enough, takes up quite a lot of space. And what is the New Year without this main attribute of the holiday? It doesn’t have to be that way.

This is where designers and artists come to the rescue, who figured out how to fix this problem by developing many options for designer Christmas trees that practically do not take up space in the apartment, are safe for kids, and are not an object of close attention and encroachments on their integrity from the outside. Pets.

At the same time, to make such a beauty, a minimum of funds will be required. The main thing is to create a New Year’s mood in your home and a little imagination. And now the excuse that there is no place for a Christmas tree in the apartment will not work.

DIY wall Christmas trees

1. Christmas tree

One of these original options is to make a wall Christmas tree (you can use any materials at hand).

You can draw the outlines of a Christmas tree on a window or a large sheet of Whatman paper and then decorated it with painted or natural Christmas tree decorations or, for example, ribbons made of cut corrugated paper, fix it with tape on the wall or the cabinet door.

2. Christmas tree

When creating a designer Christmas tree with your own hands, the main rule is that it should resemble a cone or pyramid in shape. Everything else is your imagination and your skills.

You can, for example, cut out the silhouette of a tree in the form of an elongated triangle from a sheet of cardboard, then wrap it with decorative material (any fabric, burlap, green paper will do) and glue it.

3. Christmas tree

Decorate the prepared base, depending on the decorative material used. This can be done in different ways. For example, it is better to decorate a Christmas tree with a burlap base with natural materials: leaves, berries, dried apple slices, spruce branches, palm fiber thread.

The green Christmas tree can be decorated with small artificial fruits, bows, pine needles, braids, silk tassels. To illustrate such a Christmas tree, you can use dry lichen, moss, woolen threads, small Christmas balls.

4. Christmas tree

It is customary to make wishes for the New Year. And a creative Christmas tree made of the decorative braid will help to “sort out” your dreams on the shelves, or rather, to hang them on the branches of the New Year’s tree of desires.

We layout our New Year’s tree from a beautiful green ribbon right on the wall and fix it. And on its branches, we hang and fix bags with gifts. Or we make the Christmas tree outlines from wire, set them on the wall, and decorate it with Christmas balls of different shades and different sizes.

5. Christmas tree

A Christmas tree made of fabric is an excellent option for a New Year’s wall panel. It can be sewn from soft felt or fleece and decorated with colorful toys from the same material.

A Christmas tree made from a wooden transport pallet is a very original idea. But it will require some skill and unique skills in the performance: with a jigsaw, you need to cut a triangle of the required size, paint it in different shades of green, attach it to the wall and decorate with toys, a garland, and mini-gifts.

6. Christmas tree

What to make a Christmas tree out of?

7. Christmas tree

A Christmas tree can be quickly built with your own hands from a variety of materials at hand.

An inexhaustible source of ideas for creativity is the remnants of wallpaper after renovation.

To make a Christmas tree from the remnants of wallpaper, you need to fix cut ribbons from thick colored wallpaper of the required length on a cardboard base, which depends on the tier on which they will be selected (that is, the higher, the shorter).

The ribbons must be folded into semi-bows without bending. Glue the ends and attach them to the base. A star on top of the head can be made from flock wallpaper with a velvet base.

8. Christmas tree

A picturesque Christmas tree is made from pieces of bright magazine pages. You can use unnecessary magazines, thick sheets of paper or cardboard, glue, preferably a shaped hole punch (for cutting out flowers or circles of the same shape).

If you don’t have a hole punch, you can cut out circles of the same size with scissors. And then glue circles of paper slightly twisted with a pencil on a cone made of thick paper, starting from the bottom. Decorate the top of the tree with a small cardboard cone.

9. Christmas tree

Another idea for making a colorful Christmas tree is to use different colored foil baking tins to make it. On the cone, starting from its lower part, molds are strung (with pre-cut holes in the bottom), partially overlapping each other up to the crown.

10. Christmas tree

DIY Christmas tree souvenir

In addition to a real big Christmas tree, the main character of the New Year’s holiday, you can make an unusual author’s Christmas tree souvenir with your own hands.

11. Christmas tree

Sometimes you are amazed at what they are not made of.

12. Christmas tree

You can use anything you want: twigs, sticks, birch and willow twigs, paper, cardboard, threads and buttons, cones, shells, pasta, coffee, candy, ostrich feathers, fabric, linen cord, beads, wire, bamboo, rhinestones, multi-colored balls of wool and ribbons.

13. Christmas tree

It is not difficult to make a Christmas tree out of wrapping paper or fabric by attaching it to a cone.

14. Christmas tree

Cute Christmas tree souvenirs are obtained from fabric remnants, from pieces of felt, from multi-colored paper, from beads, dumped from wool, knitted from the remains of threads.

15. Christmas tree

Delicious and fragrant Christmas trees are made from sweets and all sorts of sweets, from strawberries, broccoli cabbage inflorescences, from pasta, from coffee.

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New Year’s compositions in the interior

A great way to decorate your home and create a New Year’s mood is various compositions of fir branches, Christmas tree decorations, and toys.

17. Christmas tree

18. Christmas tree

The simplest version of imitating the presence of a Christmas tree in a room: pine or spruce branches are attached to a wireframe, which is installed in any vase, but preferably with a narrow neck (you can fix it in a piece of foam decorated with fabric or feathers). You can decorate them with artificial snow, balls, and bows.

The main thing here is not to overdo it. Designers do not recommend using many different decorations simultaneously, especially if they are too bright and colorful. Better to limit yourself to toys of no more than two colors. Popular coloristic New Year’s combinations: red with silver, white and gold, white and blue colors.

Whatever you choose, the idea of ​​making a Christmas tree with your own hands and decorating a festive interior with it is lovely. And now is the time to start implementing it. And before the New Year, it is straightforward to do it. After all, almost any object in the shape of a cone, triangle, or pyramid reminds us of a Christmas tree.